Google breaks with Huawei – Huawei phones lose access to Google services


Google and Huawei have been working closely for a long time, highlighting a number of mobile launches over the past few years, with the words "working closely with Google."

Huawei was also the company behind Google phone very good, Nexus 6P, almost four years ago; The first Nexus phone that has a full pot on Dinside's dice.

Now, however, the relationship ended abruptly. This is tragic news for everyone with Huawei phone.

On the "black list"

Over the past year, there is a lot of debate around Huawei, since Chinese companies are required to cooperate with their governments at work and investigation, following the amendment of legislation in 2017.

This means that many countries are now skeptical about the use of Huawei equipment for the development of the 5G network, fearing spyware. Huawei has all the guilty way innocently, among other things, Norway proposed so-called "agreement without spies", that is, an agreement in which Huawei signs that they will never send information to the authorities – Chinese or other.

But to NRK, the Police Security Service (PST) says it is not enough.

Earlier this week, Huawei ended up on the "black office" of the US Department of Commerce, which in practice means a ban on US exports to Huawei without the specific authorization of the White House, which is probably related to both commercial espionage and warfare between the two giants.

Google closes the doors

The ban applies to hardware and software, and according to Reuters, Google has now blocked its services for Huawei and has released its Android license – following the invitation from the US government.

In practice, this means that the upcoming Huawei models (and examples of subsidiary Honor, for example) will arrive without Google services, including things like Play Store (App Store), Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play Services and so on.

But, it is also bad news for those who already own Huawei phone.

Because when the Google door is closed, this means that phones will no longer receive updates through Android or other Google services. The apps will not disappear from your phone, it says, but future updates will be rare.

Huawei is so referred to by Google's AOSP (Android open source project), that is, part of Android with open source, but does not contain the services of Google itself. And without Google's software, it may be perceived to be very poor for consumers around the world.

What does Huawei do now?

Huawei has been overwhelmed by this as the "worst case scenario" and has already reported more than a year ago that they are working on their mobile operating system in case they lose access to Android.

This was something they would rather not take, since there are probably a lot of grooves behind Android, which after all has been speckled for over ten years.


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WWE Money in the Bank 2019 LIVE: Brock Lesner returned and won the portfolio at the bank money 2019 | Money in the Bank Video Contact Us


It was a total surprise. Brock Lesnar He retracted it Money in the bank Like the eighth participant and took the bag that hung in the air. The animal came in the last minute.

The struggle of the stairs on the bag was spectacular. There was everything. One of the most memorable moments was when Drew McIntyre MANAG post number ricochet Outside the ring he broke a ladder in his body.

But what stole the cameras from the show was the rollback of Brock Lesnar. Ali was about to win when the music of the animal appeared, he ran, threw Ali, climbed the ladder and grabbed the little suitcase.

After taking it, the face of the Lesner It was pure happiness. Now you can cash the case for a title battle at any time. You can do this before Seth Rollins or the Kingston Monkey thanks for the bar card. Very likely that the top champions of WWE They are worried.


It was Brock Lesnar's return. (WWE)

Previous Previous

WWE Celebrating the fifth pay-per-view of the year, Money in the bank (LIVE | LIVE | ONLINE | LIVE | Streaming HD TV). greed Here The event takes place at the Hartford XL Center in Connecticut, and that has one of his ten undercard battles. The first battle on the case was of women and Bailey won; Meanwhile, Ray Misterio became the new champion of the US and Shane McMahon defeated Ms. because he ran away from the metal cage, but it was a win with a taste to defeat.

Money in the bank Will be broadcast by FOX Action (184 Movistar – 561 DirecTV – 324 Claro) for all Latin America from 18:00 (Peruvian time). It can also be seen by the platform WWE Network.

Inside the board, there are two stair battles – one for men and one for women – where the wrestler, if he wants to win, will have to take the bag. The best thing is that all combat will be representatives of RAW and SmackDown.

In the male struggle, those looking for the case will be Sammy Zane, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Ali, Finn Belor, Andrade and Randy Orton; While Natalia, Dana Brook, Naomi, Bailey, Mendy Rose, Amber Moon, Nicky Cross and Carmela will be the same.

B Money in the bank There will also be battles. After conquering the blue show, AJ Styles came to the RAW to remove the title Seth Rollins; While Kofi Kingston must defend his maximum trophy against Kevin Evans.

Meanwhile, Becky Linz & Has to show everything she has, if she still wants the public to call her "Becky belts." The Irish woman will have to deal with two battles: one against Lacey Evans as Rowe's women's title, and another against Charlotte. Flair for SmackDown's women's belt.

Bank Money 2019: Schedules for Latin America

• Honduras 5:00 pm
• Guatemala 5:00 pm
• El Salvador 5:00 pm
• Nicaragua 5:00
• Mexico 18:00
• Ecuador 18:00
• Peru 6:00
• Columbia 6:00 pm
• Panama 18:00
• Bolivia 7:00
Dominican Republic
• Paraguay 09:00
• Puerto Rico 09:00
• Venezuela 09:00
• Argentina 10:00
• Brazil 10:00
• Chile 10:00
• Uruguay 10:00 pm

Money in the bank 2019: a sign of the event

battle Treatment
Seth Rollins © vs. Stylus AJ A universal degree of WWE
Coffee Kingston © Kevin Evans Degree WWE
Becky Linz Lacey Evans For the female title of Raw
Becky Linz Charlotte Flair For the female title of SmackDown
Samoa © 2012 Rey Mysterio For the United States degree
Tony Nese © Aryeh Dayrie For weight title of WWE
Ms. Shane McMahon In adjusting the steel cage
Roman rules against Elias A personal battle
Daniel Bryan and Rowan against. Usus (Jimmy Oso and Joshi Oso) The titles in pairs of SmackDown will not play
Ricochet vs. Drew Macnayer vs Baron Corbin vs Sammy Zane vs. Fine Blur vs. Andrade vs. Randy Orton Fight the stairs by bag
Bailey vs. Natalia vs. Dana Brook vs. Naomi vs. Mendy Rose vs. Carmela vs. Amber Moon / Nicky Cross / Fight the stairs by bag

They are exploiting! The Bucks beat the Raptors in the 2nd game of the Eastern Finals of the NBA Finals

He inserted the 'Noel'. In trouble: Diego Schwarzman won the team of Djokovic in Rome Masters [VIDEO]

A brilliant blow! Colombian Ares knocked his opponent with a cruel kick at UFC's head Rochester [VIDEO]

Revenge: Rafael Nadal defeated Stefanos Cicifas and will play in the final of 1000 Masters of Rome


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Shanghai respected telescope for black hole help, another job


The Tianma Radio Telescope in Shanghai, which won the first prize on Wednesday in 2018 Science and Technology Awards of Shanghai. GAO ERQIANG / CHINA Daily

A radio telescope in Shanghai, which has made a significant contribution to astronomy for nearly a decade and participated in long-term observations that were used to confirm data in the first image of a black hole in deep space, won the first prize on 2018 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards.

With a diameter of 65 meters, the Tianma radio telescope – or celestial horse located in the area of ​​Songyang Suburb – is the largest telescope in Asia and ranks third in the world in overall performance. It began to provide celestial observations in 2012.

While Tianma was not directly involved in the observations that led to the black hole image, her ability to see other phenomena in the universe at certain wavelengths contributed to the precise calibration of the final data, said scientists in Shanghai. Tianma is part of East Asia very long line interferometer network, or EAVN.

Shen Yang, the head of the Chinese Academy of Photography Science in Shanghai and a member of the International Event Team of the event Event Horizon (EHT), which created the image of the black hole – more than 200 astronomers around the world, linked by An array of eight radio-based radio-based telescopes – said the equipment to capture the signals that were eventually translated into the image was detected at wavelengths of 1.3 mm, and there was no parallel equipment in China.

But Tian, ​​part of EAVN, along with telescopes in Korea and Japan, has observed 7 and 13 millimeter long wavelengths for a long time, Shen said.

"EHT can capture the image without the network's help, but the supporting observations provided complementary information and showed consistency with the EHT observations to better verify their accuracy," Shen said.

"The role of the network is included in one of the six papers on research published by The Astrophysical Journal Letters in the United States," he added.

The image, which showed a ringlike structure with a dark central area – the shadow of the black hole – described the black hole in the heart of the 87, a massive and distant galaxy in the cluster of nearby galaxies. It is 55 million light-years from Earth and has a mass of 6.5 billion times that of the sun.

This was one example of the role played by Tianma in coordinated international observations. His high sensitivity turned her observations into efficiency as a reference in which other network participants could adjust their data, according to the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory.

"Tianma has increased the image quality of the EAVN by about 50 percent and has contributed greatly to research on extreme objects in the universe, such as black holes," Shen said.

"Today it plays a leading role in the network, all other telescopes have a diameter of 20 meters at most, and Tianma can get more signals than everyone else," Shen said.

Tianma also played a vital role in determining the orbits for China's moon and deep space exploration. He will also set tracks for the first exploration of Mars by 2020, Shen said.


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Gazeta Wyborcza: Like Mateusz Morawiecki, he occasionally bought a plot worth millions of zloty


The case touches an attractive agricultural plot in Oporów with an area of ​​†<†<15 hectares. In 1999 he was transferred to the community. Street & # 39; Elizabeth. It was based on the law on the attitude of the country to the adopted church after the fall of communism.

In 2002, the owners of the plot were Mateusz and Iwona Morawieccy. price? 700 thousand zloty. This is a bargain, because as the appraiser later, the plot was worth almost PLM 4m already in 1999. All because of the fact that the authorities of Wroclaw planned investments in this area, and the road route through the middle of the plot of today's prime minister is run.

"GW" asked the Koria why the plot was sold for such a small amount, but it turns out that the documents regarding this transaction have disappeared.

Plots in Silesia were previously the subject of the investigation of the Internal Security Agency, because they were often elements of corruption. Moravitzky himself was interrogated at the time – informs "GW". The prime minister testified that he had learned about the plots in his copy of Cardinal Henryk Golubinovich. The priest knew the Moravitsky family well, and he himself was a regular visitor to it.

According to "GW" Mateusz Morawiecki, when buying a plot, he was a member of the Regional Council of Lower Silesia Regional Council of AWS then ruled. Thus he had access to plans related to the city's investment and authority.

Who manages Moravian assets?

In an interview today of the weekly "Sieci" Mateusz Morawiecki explains that the division of property with his wife occurred because he did not want anything to do with the business. – All assets were profitable, my wife took over. She runs a business, rents real estate, invests – said the politician.

Meanwhile, "GW" announces that there are documents confirming that Mateus Moravitsky still had an impact on his real estate business until 2013.

"Vyborg" asked the Prime Minister's Office for the plot. It was answered on behalf of Ivana Morawiecka that she had learned about the purchase from an author from a real estate company.

The newspaper informs that today the plot belonging to Morawski real estate is worth almost PLN 70 million.

Source: "Gazeta Wyborcza"



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Bus stop. Chaves had an accident outside of Tondela


The bus is carrying Desp. The return keys to Tres-Montes were an accident outside Tunda.

When they left the city of Beira Alta, when entering the IP3, the vehicle collided with a particularly light vehicle. There was no significant damage, but the journey back was longer than expected.

Desp. Chaves saw the division fall on Sunday after Tunda lost 5-2.


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Ion Cristio, dynamic hypothetical: to win the presidential election, PNL must lose to the European Parliament – News on sources


Ion Cristoiu launches a new hypothesis on the election of European elections of May 26. The journalist said in "Cristoiu thoughts" show that the PNL victory will be a fake one because it will not cause changes at the local or parliamentary level.

Ion Christio fought the theory that the European Parliament and the referendum would be essential for the Liberals and President Johannes.

Also read: Elena Odrea turns to Laura Kudrata Kubasi: Of course she never takes the European position

"I have to make a correction to everything I have said so far, and I also argued that these elections are crucial for PNL and Klaus Johannis and that with … I said so far, by mistake … If PNL and Klaus Johannes get a poor score, Klaus Johannis will start the campaign For the presidential elections with disabilities, because if I think well about Klaus Johannis, it is like this moment to claim the right tension, and if it is now a meaningless success, it is a success.

Ion Cristio explained that the victory of PNL will lead to the release of voters and the internal conflicts in the party, on the other hand, will not bring about changes on the parliamentary or local level.

"Two serious elements for Klaus Johannis will come to the right, despair will come, happy to drink champagne, their voters will be happy, almost nothing will happen, but < ai văzut mă, i-am bătut, taca-taca>, And they will lie on one ear, and at the same time, where the victory is, they will start fighting among themselves, as in the throne, "the journalist explained.

In his opinion, the failure of the PNL in the European Parliament will have the opposite effect of recruiting voters. At the level of the right-wing electorate, it will be a day or two of disappointment and says it's important to go to the presidential elections, and it will be possible to recruit the voters, but also to collect the voters. All opposition parties around Klaus Johannis. (…) Sure, come and say sir, but Dacian Ciolos? No, that's a story … (…) Remove it from the equation, "said Ion Cristoiu, according to Mediafax.

Moreover, the journalist says that the failure of the PNL will lead to a curtailment of the right around Johannis as the only candidate in the presidential election at the end of the year.

"I would do this to lose the PNL.The failure will allow to consolidate all the right, remove any competitive candidate, ie … at that time Klaus Johannis

Ion Cristio insisted that the Liberals would lose the Euroleague and claimed that Johannes had no interest in the government replacing the right-wing government until presidential elections.

"To succeed in the presidential election, PNL must lose to the European Parliament, the success of PNL and Klaus Johannis is a fake success, it does not mean anything from a practical point of view, nothing, yes, the referendum does not solve anything, nor does the PNL take 100 Because the idea of ​​a post-election federal government, PNL, USR, PMP is an illusion, it is not in the interest of Klaus Johannis to come because … Any gain, any result of the European Parliament, does not affect the parliamentary majority "Nothing changes at the local level," the journalist concluded.

"Christio's Thoughts" will be broadcast on Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 17:00, MEDIAFAX and


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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 made buyers jump with pleasure


Wearable electronics have long been part of the lives of tens of millions of people around the world who use it not only to track their physical activity but also to perform many other tasks until receiving vibrro alerts during incoming calls, allowing you to not miss important calls. Already this year, the long-awaited innovation will enter the market this year, and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 tracker will turn out to be a lot of different features, among them will certainly be one that will make all customers jump from pleasure.

In general, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Bracelet will set a new quality bar for all devices of this type. To do this, a color screen with touch control support, a microphone, in addition, a high capacity battery (135 mAh) that will allow this tracker to work on one more significant charge than ever before, were built into this gadget The hand. However, of course, this list of innovations will not end, but today, May 20, 2019, he learned about one of the most significant.

Xiaomi's Mi-3 model, which the company released in 2018, includes a 4.2 LE built-in Bluetooth module, and its main task is to provide data transmission to the associated phone. This module has a support radius of up to 15 meters, that is, not too much, because in urban areas this distance can rarely exceed 5 meters. Because of this, for example, it is completely impossible to use a gadget in this wrist, being in one or another part of the apartment when the smartphone will be the opposite.

Fortunately, in the innovation called Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the manufacturer decided to correct this mistake. To this end, a new model is added to the Bluetooth 5.0 module, which provides transmission power, which is sufficient to ensure operation within a radius of 50 meters. Because of this, all owners of the new sports bracelet will be able to keep it connected to the mobile device, for example, when the smartphone is on the window sill or in the gym. This is very convenient because because of this you can always stay up to date with what is happening on the phone.

Earlier it became known that the company Xiaomi introduced the "killer" flagship Redmi K20 Pro with a removable camera scanner on the screen.

Do not miss your chance! By June 2, inclusive, everyone has a unique opportunity to get wireless headsets Xiaomi Redmi AirDots for free, spending only 2 minutes of their personal time.

Join us at Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte, YouTube, Google+, and RSS to keep abreast of the latest news from the world of future technologies.


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Here are the details of the "MBC 2019 Dream Contest," which will win $ 3 million in the competition and all subscriber numbers for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and all Arab countries


After the competition of dreams was at the top of the interest of citizens in all Arab countries, the search for the date of 2019 dream competition as well as the growing search for participation in Dream 2019, where we found an intense body on several dream competitions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and all Arab countries, The dream competition and phone numbers of the countries in MBC 2019, and enter the competition Alam season is now 13, MBC channel announced that the competition for the current season 2019 will occupy the top of everyone's interests, especially after the dream competition has become the The biggest prize in the Arab world, and the channel has channeled to MBC a prize worth three Million dollars for the current season.

The value of this year's dream challenge is the dream of dreamers who want to get rich by dreaming of winning the dream competition, and luck plays their part in the way of the new dream season winners. All you need to participate in this year's dream competition is to send a message that the dream 2019 competition is based on random selection Of the winner on the day of withdrawal of the 2019 dream contest winner number, and the drawing for the award will be broadcast live on MBC.

Dream Competition
Dream Competition

Dream /

It is worth mentioning that the dream competition for the current season 2019 is the largest competitions in the Arab world through the MBC network, the competition has become a dream of popular popularity in all Arab countries, after becoming the most important Arab competition, and can be summarized as follows:

  • All citizens of the Arab countries who have turned the numbers into the cellular network can participate in the dream competition
  • Simply enter a message with a dream word on one of the networks that sponsor the advertised number
  • You can subscribe many times without a maximum by sending many messages.
  • The duration of the dream competition in this year is possible during the year to participate in the competition.
  • You can sign up for those who participated in previous seasons.
  • The MBC network will be awarded annually with a cash prize

How to Participate in the Dream Contest

Each citizen can participate in the 2019 dream competition by sending SMS with the word "dream" or "dream" or "Reve" on the respective numbers of their country, and we note that there are several numbers to participate in the 2019 dream competition for one country depending on the type of network.

Dream Contest Season
Dream Contest Season

Registration numbers for 2019 mbc dream competition in Egypt

  • Egypt: Communications
  • Egypt: Vodafone 95450
  • Egypt: Orange

Subscription numbers in 2019 mbc dream competition

  • Saudi Arabia: Forwarders
  • Saudi Arabia: Zain

Registration numbers for 2019 mbc dream competition

  • Jordan: Zine
  • Jordan: Orange

Numbers of participation in the dream competition

  • Palestine: Mobile
  • Land of Israel

Subscribe to the 2019 MBC Dream Contest

  • Syria: MTN 1736
  • Syria: The Sarayat

Registration numbers for 2019 mbc dream competition

  • Kuwait: Zain 96922
  • Kuwait: VIVA 50640
  • Kuwait you GSM

Subscription numbers in 2019 mbc dream competition

  • United Arab Emirates: Atelsat 6070
  • UAE: du 3636

Bahrain 2019 Dream Numbers Competition

  • Bahrain: Zain
  • Bahrain: Batelco 94000
  • Bahrain: VIVA 98885

Registration numbers for 2019 mbc dream competition

  • Tunisia: Tunisia Telecom 85988
  • Tunisia Orange: 85988
  • Tunisia: Ooredoo 85988

Registration numbers for 2019 mbc dream competition

  • Mauritania: Morettal 1559

Subscribe to the dream contest

  • Morocco Orange

International number from all over the world: GSM 0088216101092.

Just send a text message to be a participant in the 2019 dream contest, and you can send messages without a maximum to increase your chances of winning the 13th Dream Competition.

You may want to learn about:

All frequencies of the news channels Sudan, Algerians, Arab and foreign "May 2019 update" on satellite NileSat .. Arabs Saturday .. Suheil Shabbat .. Hot bird

All satellite frequencies in Nilesat "May 2019 update" frequency to bring and download all frequencies of the channels in Nilzat with one click .. Enjoy with us the best view

It is worth mentioning that it is possible to participate in the Dream Competition at any time until August 30, 2019. The prize for this year's Dream Competition is $ 3 million, unprecedented precedent.


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Tehnopolis 70: Samsung Galaxy S10 in 10 minutes


Okay, it's not exactly 10 minutes, but it's somewhere, although we had three test phones. We tried them well, patiently and forcefully, which took time, and we passed on experiences beyond the total elimination from the box.

This year, Samsung joined the cheapest and best phone, so the latest generation of the Galaxy S that produced the S10 and the S10 + was cheaper, smaller and more modest than the Galaxy S10e.

In the next few minutes you can hear the differences between them, what are these phones, and who is Samsung's real star of the year to show.

Thanks for listening!

RSS feed:

Alexander Mildanovich @alexmiladinovic
Ivan Lick @escapetofreedom


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Singapore's biggest challenge is to build a "sense of unity" between "huge changes": DPM Heng


Deputy Prime Minister DPG, Deputy Minister of Finance, Hong Sui Kate, said that Singapore should continue to "learn how to develop and improve our systems" and adopt practical policies from other countries.

In the Negev Mountain, which took place last week at the St. Gallen Symposium in 1949, Mr. Heng was interviewed by the Swiss newspaper Noya Zirche and Zeitung on a number of topics, including Singapore's housing policy, state administration and democracy, and the government's role in managing the economy .

When asked about the biggest challenge facing Singapore, Mr. Heng said: "Well, the biggest challenge we have to face is to build a sense of unity within the tremendous changes taking place around us."

This can be done with good governance, maintaining constructive politics and making difficult long-term decisions, rather than short-term benefits. Along with proper governance and "a sense of unity among our people," Singapore can remain strong, said Deputy Prime Minister.

Mr. Heng was on a visit to Switzerland from May 6 to May 10 – his first overseas trip as vice premier – which included visits to a number of Swiss businesses, and the extensive interview was published by the Swiss newspaper on Friday.

Reading: Protecting Employees, Not Key Jobs for Economic Change – Heng Swee Keat

99-YEAR HDB LEASES "National Policy"

Mr. Heng answered questions about the reasons for the 99-year lease contracts for housing and housing units (HDBs).

"It's a rational policy if we believe, if we hope Singapore lasts forever, do not forget, Singapore is more than 700 kilometers above a square kilometer," said the deputy prime minister.

"If we sell land as freedom, and once you own it, you will have (forever) forever, which means that children born in the future will never be home and can not buy anything.

"We have a few free properties, but a very small amount. All the new housing contracts are sold as lease contracts for 99 years, and for industrial development, it's even shorter, that's between 20 and 30 years."

He said the government wanted to encourage young couples to settle and have children.

"Our population is declining, and as our young people are more educated, some have chosen to remain single, this is the same phenomenon that we see in OECD countries" (Economic Cooperation and Economic Development Organization).

"Some of those who succeed say that I want to enjoy my life, I do not want to have a family, I do not want children.

"This is a choice that we should respect but I hope we can encourage more of our young people to find their spouse and have children."

Singapore's democracy

When asked about Singapore politics, Mr. Heng said that "this is not the right understanding" by saying that the government has "all the answers."

"Many of us, I included, have been on record saying that the government can not get all the answers to all the problems and so we need to mobilize our company to solve many of these issues," Mr. Heng said.

"And beyond solving the problem, it is also a sense of ownership as a citizen, I can do what is right and I choose as a citizen to contribute in different ways."

DPM Heng in Switzerland

Mr. Heng Sui Kit wraps up a five-day trip to Switzerland after speaking at the 49th St. Gallen Symposium. This was his first overseas trip as vice premier (Photo: Facebook / Heng Swee Keat)

Asked about the "Western idea" that competition "helps to grow the best," said Hong Singapore has "free and fair elections."

"In the last elections, there were so many opposing parties and as I mentioned earlier in the forum, in 2011 we lost six seats, we lost a few key ministers," Mr. Heng said.

"The minister was formerly the minister of commerce and industry and was our foreign minister, respected all over the world, but lost the election.

"The second finance minister lost the election. A very prominent member of parliament who was in politics for many years, who was supposed to be chairman of the parliament, lost the election because the entire group lost, five of them in the group.

"It's a democracy, it's for me, we respected it, yes.

READ: PAP works on Manifesto Party, selecting candidates for the next election Next: DPM Heng

Reading: "Nature politics" The biggest challenge "unknown" future for Singapore, says DPM Heng

In addition, Mr. Heng: "The fact that the ruling party won the election is not because we are oppressive, because we have, as I said in my previous speech, what we promised, that we had the trust and confidence of Singaporeans."

The role of the government in building construction

Deputy Prime Minister said that most Southeast Asian countries came through the global financial crisis better than most people expect that they learned the lessons of the 1997-1998 crisis.

Referring to the free-market approach, Mr. Heng said that "the market-based approach to capital allocation to its most productive uses remains the best mechanism."

"But focusing solely on return on equity will not be enough, especially at a time when technologies are changing rapidly," Heng said.

"In this context, what is important is that even when businesses are restructured and changed, both businesses and governments will have to do more to help our employees be better prepared for the future."

Trade unions, such as the National Congress of Trade Unions (NTUC), evolved from a "clash approach" to a "more cooperative approach."

"We recognize that more skilled, more productive workers make the company more competitive, and a more competitive and efficient company is able to keep workers better able to pay employees better," Heng said.

"This is a sustainable way to increase welfare – both for the welfare of workers and for the well-being of the wealthy."

Reading: Ties between PAP, NTUC will continue into 4G leadership: DPM Heng Swee Keat

Asked whether the Singapore development model was a capitalist model, the vice premier said it was "easy to create a misunderstanding" by putting a label on models.

"The idea that the private market can do anything and therefore create growth, and that open competition alone is enough to ensure a good outcome is not something I believe in," Heng said.

"I do not agree with this. I believe that governments in the world have important roles."

The government should define rules to provide certainty to all investors, to ensure that the "rules of the game" can not be changed halfway.

He added that the government plays a very important role in providing critical infrastructure – such as roads, airports and ports – and invest in education and basic research.


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