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A businessman discovers that Ollanta Humala provided money to José Pepe. grove


The businessman José & amp; grove, Brother of the former Minister of Transportation Carlos Paredes, Who was accused of accepting bribes & Construction Club & # 39;, And then the businessman Eduardo Sobens Vizara, an exsocio who would have known about the financial movements of Pepe, Pardes, broke his silence and gave new details of the case.

Sobens Vizkara Promised Sunday panorama That former President Ollanta Humala Tasso delivered a sum of 200 thousand dollars The Peruvian company of surveillance and defense A., where he was a partner José & amp; grove.

According to his version, contact Olante Humala It's over José & # 39; Pepe & # 39; Walls, Where he claimed that the latter was offering to purchase property for the company Arequipa in August 2011 – when he was already in control Homela– a value of $ 450 thousand But, the bank is going to lend only $ 250, and they still had to raise $ 200 thousand, so The former president will make the difference as a "capital contribution."

Sobens Vizkara He determined the following: "A capital donation is made, it is recorded in the public records and those who contribute the capital are Mr. Jose Pardes and his brother Anna and Julio … I understand that [era una operación usando los nombres de los Paredes] , Because otherwise they will have to show where they got this money, we are talking about $ 200 thousand in the US that enter the exchange rate at the time, which was more than S / 500 thousand.

About anesthesia

Sobens Make it known & # 39; Papa & # 39; s Walls Continued to feed money to companies: "There are two terms in Mrs. Nadine's agenda: Pappe loans – Subens 1 and 2, it really happens in 2009, we needed cash to deal with several forms, and here I ask Pardes if he can not lend me $ 50,000, And in fact he said to me: 'I'm going to ask Pecotta,' where I must have had a source of resources. "

Then the businessman added: "After a while I'm going to demand $ 25,000 this time, I think it should not have said that, it seems it would have come …" Now, he said, I'll carry you ".

What does "Papa Mutual Fund – $ 100 thousand" mean?

After this caption appeared on the agenda of Nadine Heredia, Eduardo Sobens Vizara Gave his version: "Once we won a Peruvian competition as a state entity and we had to put a 10% guarantee letter on this compliance." Pardes comes to my office and says, "What are we doing?" I say: "Ask one (illegible) bank for this specific contract." However, the next day he tells me: "My brother Carlos is going to lend me $ 100,000 to establish a mutual fund The bank wrote the guarantee and I understand that this was the case ".

About the Construction Club

About that, Eduardo Sobens Vizara Stated: "In the early days of August 2011, when the government just released, I had days, Mr. Carlos García Alcázar called me on the phone". At the same time, he announces that García Alcázar met him with three entrepreneurs from the construction companies Cosafi, Granada Montreux and Another one who does not remember the name.

Then the entrepreneur said: "At this meeting, one of them took the floor and explained to me that there is a group of companies that have been working with MTC for a long time on the subject of roads, and that to make the contracts viable because they also do not want Ecuador and Colombian companies to enter. They had a united group of companies that divided the jobs, according to where their machines were located, that is, if the company had its machines in the south and a highway to the south, then it would go, if the others were in the north, they would go, and they would Need a person qualified by the Minister and they wanted him to be Mr. Carlos García Alcázar. "

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