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Arequipa Pitbulls attack and kill a child under the age of six at his home in Arequipa nnpp | PERU

A A 6-year-old boy was attacked by two pit bull dogs That his parents raised, unfortunately he lost his life in his home. The incidents took place in the province of Cerro Colorado, the province of Arequipa and the region.

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God Dogs were on the roof of his houseBut they went down when the minor’s parents went to buy food. The attack would have taken place in the backyard, Located in the Los Prosers Housing Association in Zamacola, Cerro Colorado.

The mother of the minor victim left her young son alone and went out to buy food along with her second daughter. When he got home he found a scary scene, Her six-year-old son was attacked by his two pit bulls, One male and one female.

unfortunately, The minor could not bear the injuries left by these dogs and perished in his home. According to area residents, they noted that these two dogs, which are usually on the roof of the house, are aggressive and every time someone passes by they start barking.

At the scene of the incident, members of the murder and criminal police, representatives of the public ministry and the dog police arrived, the latter had to drug the dogs and lock them in special cages to prevent them from attacking them.

Finally, the minor’s body was taken and transported to the main morgue, for the purpose of performing the appropriate autopsy.

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