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Artist of the Year: Michelle Suiper decided to continue the program without Kevin Blau [VIDEO]


November 18,

With you or without you. Last Saturday he saw the seventh celebration of "The Artist of the Year: The Perfect Couple" and Michelle Suiper with his "inseparable" duo, Kevin Blau, who was removed by the public. However, the jury decided to give a chance to "Mitch"Provided you agree to continue on Reality Without her boyfriend

For this gala they came to trial Michelle Suiper and Kevin blew up before Daniela Dracourt and Pedro Loli, In which the public decided which partner they want to continue artist this year. Most of the choices were for Darcourt and Loli, giving Suiper and Mecca as a eliminate.

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The host of the program, Gisela Valcárcel Had to give the result of the jury public (he took the floor Morela Petrosi) Pointed out that they were willing to sacrifice one of the wild cards they had to save Michelle Suiper, Although the decision on the warrior would not be easy because she had to go without her boyfriend Kevin blew up.

The decision is Suiper He had a great influence on his mother, who was present on the program and told him, and also his partner Kevin blew up, Continue the program alone.

"For me there will be no better pair than that (with Kevin blew up). It's my couple, my life, it's my day and day and it'll be for the rest of my life, with God's help. But at this moment I will decide to stay, not just for you (Mecca) or for me, but for the public, "he said on the verge of tears Michael Suiper.

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Between the following days the new couple of Michael Suiper Who agreed to continue Artist of the Year with no Kevin blew up. Also, after the program, in the early hours of this Sunday, Mishi devoted an emotional message to her partner, who was left only to encourage the warrior.

"You and you will be my perfect pair … I do not know if I will continue without you," he wrote Michael Suiper In your account Instagram With a picture accompanied by his partner Kevin blew up.

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