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Barcelona vs Liverpool: Coutinho and a half-final key show he made a good sign on Azulgranas. | Champions League Spain Champions League


Now or never, crack. : After a gray season on Barcelona , Philip Cotigno It seems to recreate its colors just before the semifinals of the Champions League This Wednesday Against Liverpool , Once for the Brazilian show that he should not regret having left the "reds" last year.

However, last winter, the attacking midfielder did not go through his best moment, so much so that the Spanish press wanted to bring him back to England and see him as a costly mistake of 160 million euros.

His goal for the national team against Manchester United in the quarterfinal round of the finals Champions (3-0), he returned the credit, despite his celebration at the Nou Camp sparked controversy: Coutinho He stood still on the lawn, closed his eyes and covered his ears as if he had hinted to the fans that he had not heard his whistles.

"It was for people who see it many times and I have to cover my ears to keep my focus on the game" , Explained days later the Brazilian, questioned by what happened at that meeting. As usual, the Barca He had to protect him because the bosses threatened him again; not for his appearance, again solid, but for not understanding this reaction.

Star and leader Liverpool at that time, Coutinho Took a risky decision going Barcelona, Where a shy player is still not what his precious transfer involved. But, this little bond has the opportunity to be reborn against the Reds. In his new home, and – what better – before his people.

And it's shining on Wednesday will allow him to get in line with the great Brazilian strikers who once passed through Barcelona: Romario, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and his friend Nimer, whom he should forget in Catalonia, and with whom he will aspire to the Copa America in the coming months.

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