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Boca Juniors Champion Diego Maradona Cup: Defeat Banfield in Penalty Shootout

Boca Juniors He became the Argentine football champion of Diego Maradona Cup by defeating Banfield 5-3 on penalties, after a 1-1 draw in the final, which he played on Sunday night at the San Juan del Bicentrio Stadium. Peruvian defender Carlos Zembrano started as the opening and played every 90 minutes.

Colombian Edwin Cardona (63) scored the goal of Boca And when the title seemed to be in the hands of the Xeniz team, Luciano Lulu (90 + 5) achieved the equalizer for Benfield.

Boca The game with nine players ended due to the dismissal of defender Emanuel Mas (86) and his departure due to the injury of Diego Gonzalez (90) when no more changes were available.

The achievement comes for Boca As a consolation and relief, just four days after being knocked out by Santos in the Copa Libertadores semi-final, which was the big goal of the season.

Definition of penalties

Banfield Boca Juniors
Lulu (caught) Tabs (Sling)
Fontana (Stuck) Villa (Caught)
Rodriguez (failed) Slavio (sling)
Alvarez (Cle) Iskierduz (caught)
Buparini (caught)

Consolation Award for Boca

The Maradona Cup is for Boca The 70th title in its history since 1905, and also the 48th trophy at the local level, with 34 leagues and 14 state trophies.

While Benfield used the same lineup he straightened out in his last few games, on the sidelines Boca Coach Miguel Angel Russo has arranged a number of changes in the starting lineup, for the backs last Wednesday was defeated 3-0 by Santos.

Boca He started a little better and hinted at some interesting moves in the first few minutes, gaining first access with a slightly higher shot from Cardona, in front of Banfield who let him come and look for spaces for the counter-attack.

The insecurity of Boca It opened the doors for Banfield to start well in the second half, with Rodriguez as Piero’s center-back and starter, but that route lasted about ten minutes.

At this pace, the game went through its break in a fast-paced game, where Boca He opened the account, with a wide pass from Gonzalez to Cardona, who made his way to the left, addicted and placed a huge, tall, angular bomb that left Arbolda with no chance.

In the same action Cardona was injured and left his place to Selvio, who sought to give more dynamism to the Auriazole attack, while D.T. Sangointi gambled on all or nothing in search of equality for the revenue of the packers and pons to have more offensive versions.

The situation will be more complex for Boca In the final section, as Mass saw the red card for a double warning and shortly afterwards he was forced to resign from the final with nine men because Diego Gonzalez injured his knee when he cleared a shot from a Banfield player.

The resistance of Boca It did not come, and in the last action, when everything at Anfield played on offense, Lulu connected with a wide ball and the ball slowly went into the left corner, away from goalkeeper Andrade.

Defined by punishments, Boca He was absolutely right with the shots of Carlos Tevez, Colombian Sebastian Villa, Eduardo Salvio, Carlos Iquivardos and Julio Baffarini, while for Banfield Lulu, Agustin Fontana and Juan Alvarez scored, while Rodriguez sent his shot to the crossbar.

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Boca Juniors vs. Banfield: That’s how they came together

Banfield: Mauricio Arbolada; Emanuel Coronel, Alexis Maldondo, Luciano Lulu and Claudio Bravo (Mauricio Asanjo, 90 + 3); Jorge Rodriguez and Giuliano Gallopo (Luciano Ponce, 78); Mauricio Cuaro (Agustin Orzi 78), Martin Piero and Fabian Bordgarai (Juan Alvarez, 64); Agustin Fontana. DT: Javier Sanguanti.

Boca: Esteban Andrade; Julio Baffarini, Carlos Zembrano, Carlos Iquivardos and Emmanuel Mas; Sebastian Villa, Nicolas Capeldo, Jurman Camposano (Diego Gonzalez, 60) and Edwin Cardona (Eduardo Salvio, 66); Mauro Zarata (Alan Verla, 83) and Ramon Avila (Carlos Tevez, 83). DT: Miguel Engel Russo.

Boca Juniors vs. Banfield, LIVE: Minute by minute

Here hit

Xeniz, who equalized without Santos in the first leg at La Bombonera, fell 3-3 in Brazil on Wednesday in the second leg of the Copa Libertadores semi-final and was knocked out of the competition.

The team led by Miguel Angel Russo was very subdued during the game and Colombian Frank Fabre, who had a night to forget, was sent off after 55 minutes, when the game was already 3-0, on a violent path to competing.

Boca Juniors’ goal was, logically, to get their seventh Libertadores Copa so they played a few games in the Argentine league with an alternate team.

However, Xeniz managed to qualify for the final as a Group A leader with nine points, one more than River Plate and Argentinos Juniors.

BANFIELD without big characters

Al Taladro surprised their fans with a great first leg in which they won three games, comparing two and losing only one, against River Plate.

In the second stage he showed that the good results are not accidental because he won Group B with 12 points, a product of four wins and only one defeat.

At Benfield there is on the bench a former footballer of the Javier Sanguanti club, who took up his post in July 2020.

Against Boca, Sangointi will be able to straighten out his regular beginners because he is uninjured or suspended.

Boca Juniors vs. Banfield: Possible lineup

Boca Juniors: Esteban Andrade; Leonardo Jara, Lisandro Lopez, Carlos Iquivardos, Frank Fabre; Diego Gonzalez, Yorman Camposano, Eduardo Salvio, Sebastian Villa; Carlos Tevez and Franco Soldano. DT: Miguel Engel Russo.

Banfield: Mauricio Arbolada; Emanuel Coronel, Alexis Maldondo, Alexis Sosa, Claudio Bravo, Jorge Rodriguez; Mauricio Cuaro, Martin Piero, Giuliano Gallopo, Agustin Orzi; And Augustine Fontana. DT: Javier Sanguanti.

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