Monday , October 25 2021

Cercado de Lima: Schoolchildren were doped during school hours [VIDEO]


November 15,

Three students of 14 years were found half-conscious at their school located in Cercado de Lima. The students were drugged by a classmate, as stated in Id's testimony.

According to & # 39; America News & amp;, A student pointed out that high school would give her soda, but mixed with pills.

My students College They noticed this as they approached the ladies' bathroom and found the girls in the school unable to stand.

The peace of Lima arrived and took the students to the hospital in Luiza. According to the section of police, Their 14-year-old children were half-conscious.

God hospital Reported that the patients had gastric ulcers and were under hydration, and that they would continue with their treatment of pediatric and mental health services.

The parents of the victims asked for the withdrawal of the authorities responsible for the students. The school did not talk about it.

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