Wednesday , September 28 2022

César Vallejo vs Mannucci: Chemo & # 39; Del Solar and José Soto will be face-to-face


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César Vallejo and Carlos Manochi They reached the final of the second division and defined which team Trujillo would return to the highest elite of Peruvian football. However, banking of both teams will be a separate duel since then Jose del Solar Refers to the poet while José Soto is under the command of "Terry".

Both coaches will hold a separate game since it is known from the past of "Chemo" on the University, A club he mentioned more than once as a fan while "Papa" was Elianza Lima where he was remembered by the Victorian fans even at the time as a footballer and coach.

Without a doubt, these sessions will be marked before and after the career of each DT as well as want to return First class, They will want to win a duel that they will keep from the bench.

César Vallejo He beat Juan Aurich 2-0 at Casa Grande and qualified for the big final despite falling on the first leg by 3-1.

On the other hand, Manochi He clashed Cienciano 5-2 in Mansiche de Trujillo and is finishing second. On the first leg, he lost 2-0 but after winning the round, he signed his pass before his audience.

The first finals will be played on November 25 of this month, while the return will be broadcast on December 2. The two dollars would be in San Francisco de Trujillo.

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