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Consult the Yanapay Pro Link 350 Sole Bonus: When can I pick it up, on what date and method? | Bonus 350 | Bonds in Peru Subsidies Government | revtli | | Answers


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God Bono Yanafi -Read first Bonus 350 solesContinues to give itself to the population in vulnerable situations b Peru. Announced the President Pedro Castillo, Know the details of its issuance: how much can be charged, on what dates and its delivery methods.

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The government subsidy is intended to help more than 13.5 million Peruvians With a budget of about 5 million soles. In that sense, all around 7.5 families All over the country they will be provided for this financial assistance of 350 soles or 700 soles, depending on whether they have under care minors under 18 years of age.

God Bono Yanafi Began delivering last September 13 to the first group, suitable for those people who are inside Social programs Of the Ministry of Development and Inclusion (Midis): Together, Pension 65 and Contigo. But who are the next to pick it up?

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Payment schedule for the Yanapay bonus

  • Group 1: From September 13th
  • Group 2: Starting October 5th
  • Group 3: Starting October 18th
  • Group 4: Starting December 17th

Yanapay voucher: Who is made up of the various beneficiary groups?

  • Group 1: It consists of social program users: Pension 65, Juntos and Contigo.
  • Group 2: It consists of people with bank accounts, digital wallets, mobile banking and DNI account (Banco de la Nación).
  • Group number 3: Consists of people living in rural communities without access to financial systems.
  • Group 4: Includes people without bank accounts who will receive financial support through the Banco de la Nación windows.

How do I know if I’m enjoying a Yanapay bonus?

  • You must first enter the following link:
  • Fill in the required information such as: DNI number and issue date.
  • Click on the box that says’ I’m not a robot.
  • Accept the privacy policy.
  • Read the security recommendations and see if you benefit.
  • You can also make the consultation by calling the 101 telephone line.

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