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Controversial tweets by David Dumet, the first location of the JNJ exam politics


the lawyer David Miguel Dumet Dolphin Achieved the first place in the examination of knowledge, in the initial stage of competition for the conformation of National Council of Justice (JNJ), the body that replaces the National Council of the Disappeared Judge (CNM). The lawyer obtained 86 out of 100 points. That is, it failed only in seven of the fifty test questions.

Since the beginning of February, Dumet Delfín is director of the Office of Legal Advice of the General Administration of Forestry and National Wildlife Service (Serfor).

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During the government of Ollanta Humala (2011-2016), the lawyer was a senior consultant in the Ministries of Agriculture (2012-2014), Housing, Construction and Sanitation (2014-2015) and Head of the Cabinet of Counselors in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (2015-2016), as stated in the Declaration Her interests.

He was also a consultant on the management of the Ministry of Education's Ministry of Education's Ministry of Transport and Communications's National Education Program at the beginning of the administration of ex-President Pedro Pablo Cochanski (PPK).

Dumet, who holds a master's degree in law with reference to Constitutional Law in PUCC, is also an active user on Twitter, where he has posted controversial posts.

For example, when the Liberal Bank, composed of members of Congress Alberto de Blanda, Francisco Costa, Francesco Petrozzi, Guido Lombardi and Vicente Ziblus, applied for registration as a parliamentary bloc in mid-December, the lawyer wrote the following:

David Dolt Dolphin, Who, if elected as a member of the United Nations, will review the appointment of Pedro Cesari Avari to the Supreme Prosecutor, who also defended the former head of the State Prosecutor's Office and supported the decision of the prosecutors, Rafael Vela and Jose Domingo Perez from the special team of Lava C & # 39; Eto'o.

"What was decided by the nation's prosecutor is within the legal framework of its powers.The questions about the opportunity or the convenience of measurement are political, illegal," he squeaked on January 1 this year.

He also questioned Perez's statement in the media about his removal.

"What Avri did was finish the commission he gave them last July, where will abuse or illegality be?"

In February, Daumet also tried to narrow the statement made by Rosa Wengas, the former attorney general of the nation's attorney general, about her entry into offices closed by the State Prosecutor's Office, where documents were stolen. A former member of the Congress indicated that she had done so by order of a Supreme Prosecutor.

"Yes, of course she is [Venegas] She is a young girl without experience or maturity, psychologically delivered to Chávarry powerful, so much so that not be able to resist to carry out a clearly criminal act, "commented.

Using his Facebook account, Daumet described him as "a man with a submachine gun" Perez Gomez.

The candidate for the National Council of Justice also attacked the civil Asociación Transparencia and its president, Allan Wagner.

"[Allan Wagner] Is one of the characteristics of morality, the supreme guardian of public morality (only supreme, for the only superior is a gorritic). In short, he is the president of Transference, one of the main parties in this post-political period in Peru, "he said.

But the lawyer David Dolt Dolphin Not only does he have abusive reactions to Wagner, but also to psychotherapist Carmen Gonzalez.

This diary tried to communicate with Damet Dolphin, but he did not answer our conversations.

The National Council of Justice must appoint, ratify and punish judges and prosecutors.

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