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"Every time we see less pure action games on the market." We interview Hideaki Itsuno, director of May Devil Crying 5


In recent days we have been able to play for a few hours and the first episodes of May Devil crying 5, which we assure you that is a serious candidate to be One of the best action games of the year. The title is marked by Dante, Nero and V-Impressive, of those that are worth playing with where you spend flying hours.

There are still many months ahead of competitors to go out, but the first feelings he gave us are pretty positive. In addition, during the event we were lucky to have a presence Hidaki Ichino, the Devil's May director crying 5, Whom we did not want to miss the chance to interview.

Therefore, we invite you to read later in the interview you gave us Matt Walker, his producer, Who did not hesitate to answer some of the questions we asked.

Now, when there is little to launch the devil may cry 5, how was its development?

Now it goes very well. We streamline your PC version so you do not have any bugs. This is probably the video game that cost us the most in the sense that we had many difficulties to overcome in order to finish the game.

Has every movie affected you when you created the game?

As for the stories or about the references do not. We tried to make the game as photorealistic as possible. One of the reasons we were convinced that this would work is because of Marvel movies, like Dr. Strange, because, although there are fantastic magic things, it also seems very realistic.

We also wanted to do that of mixing fantasy and reality in a logical way. This film has inspired us to do the same thing.

Devil May Cry 5

As we see it, one of the reasons why we decided to make Devil May Cry 5 is because every time we see less pure action games in the market

How did the idea come to play with three different characters?

When we started to think Devil May Cry 5 We saw that the devil may cry 4 We had two figures, so it would make sense to put another one. All the characters are different from each other and how they were in May Devil crying 4. In the previous game we had a new character who was Nero who had the Beringer devil system, something we do not want to remove now, but to add something else it was not the same: . And so came his style of play.

about Dante, It's quite similar to previous games, but it has some new things that we have not announced and it will develop the way you can play with it.

About which, We wanted to create something completely different from the others in the sense that you have to think about how to play and decide when to attack and when to protect your pets.

What else can you tell us about what makes you so different from the rest?

V do not attack with swords or guns, but with his family demons. It differs from Dante and Nero because they can take damage and die, but they can also hurt enemies. V stays behind and this is family members fighting for him. And then, as long as they do not die, he will not die either. This game to calculate distances close to V just give the final blow and then move it again.

Dante will remain as always or always something new?

Dante has many similar things, but he has four styles of combat, multiple weapons and a few new ones, but there are still innovations that we have not announced, that could be a weapon or a new system that will completely change the way you play with Dante.

Devil May Cry 5

How did you come up with the Devil's design of Nero Breaker?

With Fragile Devil Nero's will be the first time we have consumable weapons of Satan may cry, weapons that you can lose. There are eight different weapons for the devil separator who have different movements. However, since they are not the same movements, they have different applications, so players need to think which one to use right now and what to use next.

Before beginning each chapter you need to think about what the hell breaker you are going to use and in what order. When you fight, if an enemy hits you while you use it, it will be broken, but even if you use very strong traffic you will lose it, then you will use the following. We wanted to present this idea because you are playing a game about what you are going to do. You can also collect ammo while you play and it will change the order in which you use them, so it is a matter of planning and thinking.

People who have a lot of confidence are not afraid to use strong movements to break the breaker breaker. Instead, people with less confidence will be more conservative when it comes to using it and will not be so crazy to use it.

What would you say that distinguishes the May Devil crying 5 from hack and other hack or action games?

As we see it, one of the reasons why we decided to do Devil May Cry 5 This is because every time we see less pure action games in the market. For example, there are many games that have a great story that is at the level of a TV series or movies or other action games where the immersion of the game changes when you change the camera, but we wanted to create what is being said Pure action game, Which basically represents games like Devil May Cry or Devil May Cry 3, where while you play you know exactly when and how you are going to fight.

The question is to deal with these challenges and overcome them. We tried to find a balance where people can play and even if they lose they do not hate the game for it. In any case they will hate themselves when they think "I could do it"or"I could do it"Until we manage to overcome them.

Devil May Cry 5

How does it work with Ninja Theory?

It is interesting that when working with many developers you realize that when you finish the project you continue to get along with them. We liked working with ninja theory, they were fantastic and we wanted to work with them one day but now they are with Microsoft, so it may not be that simple now.

There are very popular sagas who have wagered on the world of open shipments, does the devil may cry suitable for such a genre?

If we do such a game, it will be a lot of parts to run and it will not be so amusing, but if we can do that we would try to find a balance, as we did with Dragon's Dogma, and create that kind of action game.

You have worked in franchises such as Darkstalkers, rival schools, Power Stone and more. Which would you like to see a new delivery?

I want to do a sequel to each of these sagas, Although our priorities will be Dragon's Dogma 2, Capcom vs. SNK 3 and rival schools. We do not want to disappoint the fans of Power Stone, but it will surely be these three.

Finally, a question we always ask: What are your three favorite games?

Now, apparently, the legend of Zelda: Link at, Ghouls n Ghosts and Zelda II: the adventure of the link.

Thanks Hideaki iTuno and Matt Walker for all the time they're dedicated to the interview. From VidaExtra We wish you with the launch of May Devil crying 5, which will come on March 8 to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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