Monday , May 16 2022

Get ready !: Photos, videos and videos will be deleted by WhatsApp News


Using a statement, the application posts for smartphones, WhatsApp, Announced that from Monday November 12 Will delete messages, videos, and photos that have not been updated backup.

The reason for the measurement, responds that file duplicates are no longer valid for the storage quota of Google Drive.

The text indicates that " Backup copies of WhatsApp Which have not been updated for more than a year, will be automatically removed from storage Google Drive"

To prevent loss of saved data, the messaging app proposes that the account owner perform copy securing Of your information WhatsApp, of Manually before Monday, November 12.

The text recommends that the user save the messages and multimedia files Google drive This is the case when you change your phone Android, I can pass them on. "

To create the backup Google Drive You must follow these steps:

1 opening WhatsApp.

2 Press the button menu > Adjustments > Chats > backup.

3 Press on Save in Google Drive And select how often you want the Copies securing.

4. Select the account Google What do you want to use to save the backup. If you do not have an account Google, Press on Add invoice. Do not forget your account username and password Google!

5 Press on Save Select the network you want to use to save the network Backup copies.

Referring to this step, WhatsApp Recommend copying the copy drive When connected to a network wireless Internet, "Since the file can vary in size and consume a large amount of mobile data, it creates additional charges from your mobile operator."

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