Tuesday , August 9 2022

In 15 health centers will be tested for diabetes Santa Cruz


Every day November 14, World Diabetes Day is commemorated in Santa Cruz and the date will not go unnoticed, as a program that is not transmittable diseases of the NHS Department carries out a campaign to teach people how to prevent the disease.

From yesterday until the 16th of this month the activity will be carried out in 15 health centers of the capital of Santa Cruz. Yesterday, the transition was from the Japanese hospital, where they made free blood glucose level, weight and height of people, and they were laid on how to prevent the disease, which affects 425 million people in the world, half of them do not know they suffer from it.

On November 12 the campaign will take place at the medical center in Bermudz; On Tuesday the 13th, at Fortaleza, Juana Azurduy and Sagrada Familia Centers; On Wednesday 14th, at the National Medical Center of the Arla Avenue, in San Juan de Dios, the Bolland Moms, the Red Cross, Victor Hugo Castle, Chu Guevara, Villa Coch, ; Finally, on Friday 16th, oncology.

The motto: Diabetes and Family

World Diabetes Day this year is its motto: Diabetes and Family, with the aim of integrating families in the world of patients with this disease.

Liang Piero, responsible for the program of irregular diseases, said that in Santa Cruz, between 10 and 15% of the population has diabetes, while obesity reaches 36% of the population, overweight to 26% and hypertension, to 22 %.

A survey of risk factors, conducted between 2013 and 2017, showed that some people are more active, since only 20% of the practice some exercise and the rest do not.

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