Wednesday , September 28 2022

Jorge Cuba is still not an effective collaborator in the Metro de Lima politics affair


After the hearing in which Judge Juan Carlos Sánchez Balboa, from the Second Secondary Investigation Court, issued a 18-month barrier to leave the country for former President Alan Garcia, his lawyer Arsamo Reina filed a complaint.

According to information provided by the lawyer, former deputy foreign minister Jorge Kobe, who is in prison, "will call for effective cooperation to drown Garcia"" We are going to condemn him because he would change his statement, whatever suggestions were given to him, we believe that his freedom to impose his forbidden acts Garcia"He added.

However, sources close to the team Lava Lava denied Peru Because this information is true. "Cuba has not cooperated effectively so far and has not asked to repeat this process," they said. Last July, prosecutor Serge Jongnam, who was in charge of the Metro de Lima case, denied the efficient cooperation process Cuba wanted to exploit.

Now, prosecutor José Domingo Perez is the one who has the case in his hands and in this context requested the prevention of Garcia's exit for questioning because he is due to alleged crimes of money laundering, aggravated conspiracy and influence peddling in a work published by Audbrecht.

"Now it will be questioned as it is suitable for the citizen Alan Garcia For receiving money from Odebrecht, "Perez said. During the hearing, the charge for money laundering was based on tests the company brought, after the process of cooperation was restored.

"They gave documentation of Drousys, a communication system between the members of the Department of structured operations (bribery division) .In this, Odebrecht recognizes that through this department he paid 100,000 US dollars to García," the prosecutor said.

For this fee, which the conference cells that the APRA leader dictated in 2012 to the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo, Odebrecht used "financial operator" Americo Espinola, who, through his research, transferred the amount to Garcia

From his home, the former president said that he turned to research for the conference. "Espinoela is an important agency that wants to organize events and call the exhibitors, and now I have only learned that there is a conflict to see who pays and the Brazilian society eventually got it," he said.

He added that at the time it was not known that Odebrecht has a department or box 2 with illegal funds.

On the crime of collusion, Attorney Perez is based on the visit of Jorge Barata Garcia In the Government Palace and the trip they made together to Cuzco on 19 February 2009. On that same day a special meeting of the Council of Ministers convened to prepare an emergency order ordered by the Executive on the work of Metro Lima.

However, Perez wonders that this decision was based on an emergency project that had not existed until then. The project was only completed on February 24. They confirmed something that existed only in the heads of the people who took part in that day, "he said.

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