Thursday , October 28 2021

Jose Soto asks the fans of Carlos Manuci to fill Mansiche in the semifinals against Cienciano


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Coach of the club Carlos Manochi, Jose Soto, said that it is possible that his team could overcome 2-0 against suffering in the first leg against Cienciano, but called fans of "Tricolor" who dreams of promotion

Last week Cienciano took nearly 33 thousand people on the first leg with Carlos Manuci, so Jose Soto expects Mansiche Stadium to be filled Sunday at rematch, which will decide to move to the final in the second tournament.

"This team has a full stadium and because of the size of the game: it's the final, the fans have been waiting for this moment for more than 24 years and we need your support," said Jose Soto.

Carlos Manuci finished in a better place than Cienciano at 30 dates of the regular championship, so if he wins 2-0 automatically he will achieve his transition to the big final of the second wing.

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Carlos Manuci celebrates the Foundation's 59th birthday this Friday, November 16.

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