Saturday , October 16 2021

Karaoke of a New York cop singing the theme of the Bextreet Boys Going Viral USA | YT | yutube | Viral

A few days ago we learned that the Backstreet Boys, the only friend of 90 who survived without separating or stopping producing music, would return to the stage. Well, it's videos Viral infection of YouTube He deals, among other things, with one of his successes.

And it seems that only the fans are happy about this world tour. A policeman's film in his car, in downtown Manhattan, sang a song of the Bextreet Boys song Viral infection way YouTube.

"New York sings at the Castle Boys"; For me who lost a bet and his teammates forced him to do it ";" I hope the policeman did not get in trouble because of it ", there were some comments from the users at Viral infection in YouTube.

Funny video Viral infection The Policeman sings one of the most well-known issues of Backstreet Boys accumulating about 5 thousand reproductions in the portal's YouTube. The scene has been quite reacted among Internet users of various social platforms.


Viral video on YouTube of the cop who sang as Backstreet Boys. (Andrew M / YouTube)

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