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Kendrick Lamar: biography and history, musical career, songs, lyrics, videos, records and awards, Whitney Alford, polemic, religion and everything about rapper | Social Networks Instagram | K-dot Kung Fu Kenny Pulitzer Lights | music


Who is Kendrick Lamar? | Kendrick Lamar He's not a regular rapper. In 2018 he established himself as the first musical artist not associated with classical music or jazz to win Pulitzer. In addition, he is number one in many countries, where he fills stadiums until it can not. Also, in 2016, Time magazine named it one of the most influential people on the planet.

Lamar is considered by critics of music and analysts to be one of the voices of his generation. Also, for many is the best rapper of all time and it is February 10 he can continue to make history with his 8 Grammy nominations, Where you have many options to take home more than one sculpture and place them in the window of your house near the 12 that you already have.

& # 39;K-pointAs it is called by its fans and friends, born in the cradle of the West Coast voice, the rap nineties that popular artists 2pac. In fact, the musician mentioned more than once how he was up, with just 10 years, the video recording of California Love, his own well-known theme Tupac and Dr. Dre, Compton (where Lamar was born) was registered in 1996.

Kendrick Lamar He had no easy childhood, but it was not a disturbing young man. In fact, his parents said in interviews that he excelled at others in school. In addition, he was described as "a brilliant but introverted child." He, meanwhile, sees himself as a lover of poetry, a love that began at age 12, when the English teacher introduced him to the world of letters

Biography of Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Born in Compton, Los Angeles, California (United States), on June 17, 1987. His mother named it after band member Temptations: Eddie Kendricks. His father was a member of the Chicago Gangster Gangs gang, which led them to emigrate to Los Angeles to escape the gang violence that devastated Midwest in the late 1980s.

In California, Lamar grew up in houses of defense between Sculdogogri and a gunfight, something that influenced his musical style, but did not get too much into his private life. In 1995, when he was 8, his father took him to a place where 2 Pak and Dr Dre recorded the music video for Love Love, which Lamar had one of the most important moments of his life.

He attended the Centennial High School in Compton and stood out as a good student, his favorite pastime in childhood was to write, especially songs that eventually ended up being rap songs. In his first years he had no intention of becoming a famous rabbi, but wanted to be a professional basketball player, but over the years he realized that he had great ability to improvise and great ease to compose. Its biggest impact is Tupac Shakur, history and Snoop Dog.

Lamar is a devout Christian. As it turned out, it became after the death of a friend. The rapper always shows his faith without any problem, both in his music and in interviews. in fact, Giving credit to God for His glory And his release from the crime that often affected Compton in the nineties.

The musician also believes that his career is divine inspiration and that he has a greater purpose in serving humanity. In an interview he said: "I have a greater purpose, God puts something in my heart to move and that's what I'm going to do, concentrating on using my voice as an instrument to do what needs to be done."

Introducing lines of your album "Good Boy, M.A.D City" They include a form of "the prayer of the sinner". Even in his song "I am" Do not believe in your Christian faith. In his fourth studio album, "DAMN", There is a recurring theme based on religion and struggle.

Kendrick Lamar's musical career

He began his musical career as a boy. His stage name was 'K-Dot'. And he was barely 16 years old. However, he published a mixtape that was popular locally and soon he became hollow in the California scene as more supportive of veteran rappers like Lil Wayne or Game.

Later, he signed with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE), one of the most important rap labels in the United States thanks to Lamar. Between 2010 and 2011 he published his first two albums: "Too Dedicated" and "Section 80.", Which, despite the medium commercial success, confirmed him as one of the following characters.

"Section 80.", An album that included clear effects of G & Funk, was also the beginning of Lamar's collaboration with producer Dr. Dre, one of his childhood workers. "HiiiPoWeR" He had Dr. Dre turn to him and sign up for his label Aftermath, part of Universal.

Lamar stopped being an indie musician but retained his artistic independence and in 2012 he released "Good Boy, M.A City", his confirmation album. The film is told in the form of a film, covering Lamar's childhood and discussing issues such as violence, alcoholism, family and friendship in a tough neighborhood like Compton's 90. Since its publication, the music album has received wide acceptance from critics and followers, who praised their thematic diversity and deep words.

Since 2012,Kung Fu KennyAnother one of his names, he released two more albums: "Pimp Butterfly" and "damn it". Although the first sound is much more so and more experimental, the second more focused on urban rhythms such as trap, the two have a common theme: to be a descendant of Afro in the United States of the 21st century. The negative side of discrimination, violence or drugs is contrary to Lamar's vision, which calls on his race to be proud of the past and present and to be part of a change that eliminates racism rooted in American society.

"DAMN" is his latest studio album and has famous songs like & # 39; DNA & # 39;, & # 39; Loyalty & # 39;, & # 39; Element & # 39;, & # 39; Love & # 39;, Among other things. This album has collaborations by artists such as Rihanna, U2 and Zacari. He was a success and his fans welcomed him with great enthusiasm.

Also, the rapper's songs -A.D.D.D. and Love loves it & # 39; Appear in the video game "GTA V". Kendrick Lamar was taking part in the "Franklin" car. Your song also appears "Swimming Pools (Drinking)" In the video game "Saints Row IV".

Poetry became the song of Kendrick Lamar led him to be the first musician who did not come from then or classical music to win the Pulitzer. He has won awards and recognition of all kinds and his music is heard worldwide, but his philosophy and simplicity give him one of the brightest stars in the world, without forgetting his feet on the ground.

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Dot's relationship with Whitney Alford

Lamar is married in a Christian marriage Whitney Alford. But the rapper's life knows little or almost anything, because he always kept it private. Although in recent years has been the center of the American music scene, barely knows a novel with Whitney Alford. In fact, it is only known that they have known each other since they were in high school, just over ten years ago.

Whitney Alford was born on May 12, 1986 in Compton, California. She and Lem met when they were both children and attended the same school. Over time they became friendly and friendship later became romance. Alford is a licensed designer and lecturer. To run a successful business in Los Angeles.

The political side of Kung Fu Kenny

The song by Lamar "The Blacker The Berry" (The second single) "Pimp Butterfly") Generated much controversy in the world of rap. Part of the song said: "So why cry when Trian Martin was on the street, when the gangs make me kill black and black than me?" These lines have created a big problem for the rapper. Many pointed out that he was judging the African-American community.

Shortly after the dispute, Lamar spoke about the letter and said: "It's not me who points to my community, I point to myself, I do not talk about these things if I did not live them, and I've hurt people in my life. "He said.

But that was not the only disagreement. In its simple "HUMBLE& # 39 ;, Lamar says. I'm so fucked up … tired of Photoshop / showed me something natural like Richard Rich's Afro / Show me something natural like cu … with some stretch marks. "Then, he was charged with insulting women who enjoyed makeup.

Disputes with other rappers:

In August 2013 Lamar appeared in the song & # 39; Control & # 39;, From Big Shun, also with Gianni Electronica. In his verse, "K-dot" called some rappers telling them that he was going to "kill his competition." As expected these lines have answers and Tracks Of artists like And Baden, Papous, A mill, Didi, Lupe paragraph and B.

Kendrick Lamar also maintains a struggle Drake For & # 39; Control & # 39 ;. The rapper answered Lamar's poem verse in an interview with Billboard, saying: "I know very well that Kendrick does not kill me, at all, on every stage."

So the dimes and diretes exposed at every opportunity were rappers. Drake tried to minimize Kendrick by noting that his only competition was Kanye West. Meanwhile, the rapper from California referred to Drake in Hip Hop of 2013, saying "Nothing has been the same since they were released 'control' …, they put a sensitive emotion back into the pajamas and what his clothes .

Each rapper spoke a few subliminal lines in his songs, four of Kendrick's complete on it, King Conte, Darkside / Gone; And & # 39; deep water & # 39; "And two of Drake's 'used' at 16:00 in Calabasas.

Kendrick Lamar also fought with the Detroit rapper and former collaborator, Sean is big. After the release of the song 'Shawn', in August 2013, Sean said in January 2015 that the song was "negative" and a month later he published "I, Me and Me", Freestyle with lines they say it is against Kendrick. In October 2016, Sean Big was released and no more interviews, with lines addressed to Kendrick.

In February 2017, Big Shawn again spoke about the song and the verse of Kendrick, this time very aggressive. Meanwhile, Lamar came back a year later with "Heart Part 4", which contained allegedly directed lines towards Big Drake Shawn. His song "HUMBLE" is also said to be tuned to two rappers.

The Best of Kendrick Lamar

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