Saturday , May 21 2022

Mario Vargas Llosa Problems with Spanish Finance


According to the publication, the Peruvian writer plans to prove in court that this is a mistake of the fiscal authority.

In its digital edition on Tuesday, the Spanish magazine Anditis, Says that State Agency of the Spanish Administration He recites the Peruvian writer, Marius Vargas Llosa, 2.1 million euros.

According to the plapublicación, Peruvian literature Noble does not agree with the claim of the Spanish treasury and therefore "his lawyers advised him to keep the debt suspended so that it did not enter the executive stage, while they beg to arm the Treasury administrative route and prove that the amount claimed is not such."

According to Anditis, Llosa decided to ask for a private mortgage with the Treasury on the amount claimed and introduced "support for his house in Madrid, the famous property of Flora Street, That imposing office with 280 square meters library, in the heart of Madrid.

However, this strategy has the risks. In a dialogue with Spanish publication, Jose Luis Gruva, President of the Association of Tax Inspectors, says that the Netherlands can serve as a bridge to a tax haven. Read also: From Maradona to Messi, a tax scam splashes the world's greatest players

"Once it was written that he does not have an account in Switzerland, now they are more cautious, it is called a Dutch sandwich because the Netherlands is in the middle like cheese in a sandwich, dividends leave Spain to a Dutch company legally, where they do not pay. Tax like the Netherlands Antilles, where you lose the trail. "

Anditis, A publication dedicated to fashion, royal, and celebrity issues, creates a list of the characteristics of the author of La Fiesta del Chivo. "Vargas Llosa lived on horses in several cities, a few years ago, he lived in Madrid, Paris, New York and Lima, all these houses are located in the best areas of any city."

The writer is not a case of Sawyer. The list of celebrities targeted by the Spanish Finance is extensive. Remind a few: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nimer, Samuel Eto'o, James Rodriguez, and Falcao Garcia. Mourinho.

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