Friday , August 19 2022

Metropolitan: Call for a march against the rise of Protransporte transit MML Company


By tweeting, Lima Student Association of Architecture (UDEAL) called a march against the rise of the MBR for Wednesday November 7 At 6:30. B Narang Station. This demonstration was preceded by a protest today at the same station where the service is used, with signs in hand, Mayor Jorge Munoz, to assess the immediate solutions to this problem.

The index announced, to the dissatisfaction of users, indicates that the increase will apply from Thursday, November 1; Yet, The municipality of Lima Reported that ACS Solutions Company, Who is in charge of the collection – he noted that the new tariff could not be implemented by technical factors only; Therefore, immigration is postponed until tomorrow.

Responsible operators agreed on the new index with the vote against the Protransporte metropolitan area and avoidance ACS solutionsDeclares Flooding Cost Operation of the system under investigation. The Lima municipality has announced that the necessary legal mechanisms will be used to prevent future complications.

This is not the first time user groups have threatened to take extreme measures to implement new increases in the system. Although, in the meantime, Protransporte did not specify whether the meeting they had with the operators reflected, we know only that tomorrow the new cost of the card will have to be implemented.

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