Thursday , October 28 2021

Netflix increases your monthly subscription price


The entertainment service via streaming corresponds to the values ​​of its basic, standard and premium programs Source: Archives

The depreciation of the Argentine peso affects many ways in the daily economy. For this reason, it was almost utopian that the amount, for example, a monthly subscription of


I could "escape" this reality.

Through a press release, the popular entertainment company through streaming reported that, starting today, it will increase the value of its basic, standard and premium programs. "With the goal of offering the best entertainment experience with more prestigious titles including series, movies, documentaries, comedy and content for children, and introducing new product features and improving Netflix's global experience to help friends find something great to see even faster, Netflix will Adjust the cost of your monthly subscription, "the statement said.

"The basic plan with access to screen 1 will increase to $ 149, the standard program with 2 screens at a time and HD technology will now be $ 219, and the premium program with 4 screens at a time and UHD will be $ 299," he explains. In addition, the text clarifies that "the last time Netflix adjusted its prices in Argentina was in August 2017," that is, just a year ago.

As LA NACION can know, current users will be notified 30 days in advance as of today. "Once you see the growth depends on the billing cycles, your friends will be notified via e-mail as well as the service," said ManTeflex. "The change in prices will affect members over the next few months, as always, they can see the information associated with the prices in the configuration of the accounts," they clarified.

In reality, adjustments will be made exclusively between those who pay the service with the pesos, because those who do it in dollars will see no change in the data charged from their credit cards. "For technical reasons, some card issuers, when they receive an international deal like Netflix, do the conversion to today's dollar, which could create fluctuations in the final value paid by the customer," they explain.

Spotify also increases your subscription

In the same way, Spotify has already made its adjustment to users of premium service a few days ago. "On November 1, the price of the family plan will change from $ 103.50 to $ 149 + VAT for new users, it will help us bring you the best music streaming service every day," the company's text said. your.

However, those who have been subscribed at the time of making this increase, will receive two months "grace", since they will see their rate changed only in January 2019.

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