Although it was not the first company to take the initiative, Nintendo has become a classic and fashionable consoles With the launch of the classic release of NES and Super NES Classic Edition. Sony is one of the last to join the classic PlayStation, which will soon be available in different regions of the world. Recently it became known that the terminal makes use of a very popular open source emulator.

On this computer it was not necessary to launch a similar product, it is very easy to enjoy any classic game on the computer. There are currently a lot of emulators to achieve this goal. Notwithstanding the above, the Unit – E unit operates on a console This will include multiple MS-DOS games To enjoy direct TV.

It 's about Classic computer, This terminal Start her campaign in the coming weeks. If everything goes according to plan, the product should be available in the spring of next year. According to those responsible, The goal is that the price does not exceed $ 99. As shown in the video below, the PC Classic design is inspired by the computers of the time, without neglecting the unique yellow color they have achieved over time.

As for the games that accompany the console, Unit-E ensures that the PC is classic Will include 30 MS-DOS games Which was launched between the 1980s and 1990s, has yet to reveal the full list. In the presentation video we can see titles like doom, Commander Cain and Jill & Gretel Jungle. It is not known if everyone will be included in the final release.

A classic computer writer With HDMI output and A / V input To connect it to older screens. It will support for commands, keyboard and mouse, which can be connected via two USB ports. It is important to note this The games will be stored on the SD card, Then I have no doubt that this list of titles can be expanded in some way.

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