Sunday , June 26 2022

Pokemon: Two new creatures of the fourth generation come to video games technology and science video games


The famous mobile game for Niantic and Nintendo, Pokemon for iPhone He received two new creatures of the fourth generation. Through the game of Twitter game, Budew and Buizel, two creatures from the Sinnoh region, have been announced.

Budew Is a plant / Pokemon poison type introduced in the fourth generation. It is the previous form Rosalia (a creature of Hoenn), meaning it is a Pokemon growth.

This Pokemon lives near the clear water pools and distributes pollen that causes sneezing. It has the privacy that in winter it closes the shell to protect itself from the cold; By spring he had opened and distributed the powder.

Meanwhile, Boyzel Is a water-based pokemon based on otters; Although it also features weasel. It has a floating neck that is used to float face up. Her habitat is found in rivers, lakes and lagoons. They love to dive into the water so that they are hard to see with the naked eye.

Buizel also known that the anime "Pokemon" was one of Ash's friends.

On the other hand, Niantic launched a new event after the end of Halloween. On Twitter, it is announced that coaches will be able to double the amount of stardust in egg openings and catches until next Tuesday, November 13.

So coaches have enough time to get these Pokemon and get more pollen stars.

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