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Sekiro's analysis: shadows die twice & # 39; For Xbox One, Ecstasy of Software

From the software is one of the fashion studios of the last decade. No one can explore it, not even those who are not among the fans Hidtaka's insistence on Miyazaki continue to shape his idea, Focused on punishing players who make mistakes and are unable to learn on the basis of failure. From the souls of a demon & Bloodborne goes through three payments of Dark Souls, his star franchise. After a decade and five titles so winning comes his new bet, the most challenging of all; Coming from "Sekiro: Shadows Die Double", experience and quality levels allow us to start criticizing something we usually choose to leave to the end: the conclusion. And that we stand One of the best games of the generation And it does not matter if we approve it at the end of these lines or at just that moment.

Sekiro analysis 1

A new way to understand the battle

No more speculation. It was over to defend the long minutes and it was over waiting for the opponent to make the first mistake. The fighting system is always one of the biggest incentives of software titles, and how it can be otherwise, it's again at work we have in hand. The many hours at the edge of Lobo, our hero, made me realize there was no better defense than when to attack… And the best time to do it was almost always. Because here the health of the enemy is almost anecdotal and the main purpose is not to make him weary enough to remain unprotected and to strike a mortal blow. A simple cut can put an end to the hardest battle of all, as long as we are able Take our opponent to the limit of his patience.

Deviations, something we usually call it Parry, They become the most important component of a demanding experience like some others, where everything around us is very damaging, which, unlike "dark souls" paradoxically, the only second chance we have at our disposal is what appears after dying. As you know, this is a game where there is no need to design a character development, nor do we have an arsenal of weapons or too many customization options. The game gives us the tools and we are committed to learning how they work, But we can not escape from the central idea: attack, divert and direct the blows of the enemy. An enemy that always causes great damage and can hold more than we could imagine … But it is completely aware that once fatigue affects your body and soul, you are only seconds away from failing your struggle.

We can lift our sword with the intention of blocking rival traffic, but we know that the only thing we achieve with this is to delay the inevitable and increase the meter posture, Our only defense. What we recognize as resistance and we must expect, for all our movements increase the counter and if it finally reaches the maximum, we are lost. It is so simple any battle is a duel where the two opponents are struggling to maintain their position as solid as possible and be aware that if it is broken, it does not matter if we have a few health points or a million; That neither man nor demon-sized structure is able to resist Execution of.


With only one arm, but with a thousand and one options

For the demands of the script, something we will certainly not discover, Wolf loses one of his arms and, as you know, equipped with a prosthesis that imitates the lost figure. An element that opens us up A wide range of options While fighting, thanks for the tools we can equip with: Fireworks that can amaze the enemy, a hat to protect us from weapons, magic tricks that allow us to be invisible for a limited time … The combination of our sword and the attached tools The shinobi prosthesis Creates endless versions within a combat system that seems simple during the first bars, despite the fantastic decision to gamble almost anything on the need to divert enemy attacks.

Making gestures thanks to our prosthesis consumes spiritual symbols, a biodegradable object that we can exchange for every idol of the statue – I refuse to call them bonfires. The amount we can carry increases as we progress in the wood skill, although it never becomes high enough for these tools to become the main protagonist on the battlefield. Instead, it is support that allows us Solve critical situations At the right time, as well as prolonging the enemy's fatigue process while we continue to throw their dodge blows. We can say that this is the natural evolution of what it means to be blunderbuss in Bloodborne.

Analysis 3

A wonderful world to explore

The design of the levels is one of those elements in which very few are able to conceive something really bright. Without going further, it is usually Achilles' heel of many titles that are inspired by the phenomenon of software. And "Sciro: Dead Shadows Twice" is, plain and clear, a magnificent element that reminds us of our travels far and wide. Lorden. Coherence in which the planned scenario increases A reliable world, Where everything should be. In this dark and imaginary vision of Japan, there are no volcanoes separated from the desert by a mysterious door. We also do not visit a village that does not exist when we turn to look at it from a distance.

You can reach the highest peak of the game and admire how all the environments we have traveled during the trip are still there; Anywhere, any moment. Climbing to the highest point of Asina Castle allows us to reflect on the beautiful image proposed by the Temple of Senpo, located on Mount Congo. Of course, this provokes it, as usual in the titles of Japanese research, as we move forward, secondary roads and more, connections in hidden places we find. The sense of inquiry is wonderful thanks to The cohesion that gives meaning to the set of scenarios by which we travel. Scenarios in which Miyazaki returns to demonstrate his imagination, since what we find during the trip goes far beyond the warring villages, pagodas and bamboo forests, although this is something you need to discover a game that surprises that they await you with an open mouth thanks to the waste of talent that direction Art notes.


From the software did it again

It seems impossible that after five titles of great quality, all under the same formula – each with its nuances – the Japanese studio will be able to conceive of a new work that can please the legion of its followers. Sekiro: Shadows die twice & # 39; Is one of the best games of the generation Because every day is closer to finish. A twist to the style that led the team in charge of Heidetka Miyazaki to be one of the fashion studios. Solid, spectacular and demanding. This is the group starring a wolf who enjoys hiding in the shadows, but does not hesitate for a moment to draw his sword and throw it forward to death?

Because the shadows die twice. That there are fights in which, if there is a winner, it is only that justice decided to reward the only warrior who does not make mistakes. No, the new software is not for everyone; Can lead to despair and is fair only to those who understand it The best defense is a good attack. And the eccentric creative since 2009 (The Souls of the Demon) "teaches us that death is not always the end.Now it teaches us how to beat it, and the key lies not to give it a second to think about how to end it.

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