Saturday , October 23 2021

"The 4 Finalists": Jerry Rivera surprised everyone by appearing in the Pictures and Video program TV TV


Puerto Rican Salazar Gerry Rivera Came to our country to announce his return to television "La Voz Perú"; However, for everyone it was a surprise that yesterday he appeared on the stage of "4 finalists".

His injury is a thing of the past and with treatments he can do what he likes best: singing on stage. Gerry Rivera He appeared on the stage of "4 finalists" To talk about the new season of "La Voz Perú" Which will be transferred by Latina in 2019. In addition, she provided details on her health.

"It's my home and my honor to all of you … I'm recovering, I had a fall and my quadriceps was broken, I had surgery I was a whole month without moving my leg … Now I'm in therapy, but what I was not supposed to do until March, I already count it! " Gerry Rivera.

On the program, a popular salsero clarified that if he accepted to participate again in "La Voz Perú" It was because he wanted to take revenge on him and he wanted to win again, the plan.

"Very clearly, the Peruvian people know that I have always been in love Eva Ayalon And she ignored me, but because she did not want to give me the chance, I have to accept the fact that she wants to be my opponent (We're going to be a functioning relationship between struggles and wars, I come forever) ", said. Salazar

Gerry Rivera Unite with Eva AyalonYour big buddy, who you gonna compete with "La Voz Perú", And took the opportunity to "declare his love". Gerry He interpreted the "Fingir", while Eva responded with the song "Kom Somos Amantes".


"The 4 Finalists": Ribera surprised everyone in the show. (Video: Latin)

Remember this Eva Ayalon, Gerry Rivera, José Luis El Puma Rodriguez And a surprise singer will grab their chairs "La Voz Perú", A program which will be released in 2019 through Latina screens.

In addition, the winner of the second season of "La Voz Perú" It was Ruby Palomino, Who was part of the team Gerry Rivera.

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