Monday , March 8 2021

The “DOOM” franchise can have a killer

The “DOOM” franchise can have Female transport B- Future. During a recent Twitter broadcast, the director of “DOOM Eternal”, Hugo Martin, Revealed that he “thought a lot” about presenting a Doom Slayer femenina.

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“I thought about it, actually.”, I told him swallow Community Manager Bethesda, Joshua Boyle, Who chaired the meeting.

“I think if we did, I would want it to be deadly. I think it’s interesting how it’s going to affect the killings to glory, the type of weapon I had, the fighting style.

Martin continued: “Any assault, certainly, but a different kind of assault. Really I would try to allow him to influence the game significantly. I definitely thought about it a lot. “

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Franchise fans “doom” He would have recognized it a long time ago A female character in the series is not out of the realm of possibility.

B “Earthquake 3”, It was discovered that the military guide of Doom Slayer was a sailor named Crash.

“ETERNAL DOOM” And his first DLC “Ancient Gods Part I” It has been available since last year.

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