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The family start-up, worth $ 8 billion, is far from Silicon Valley



Qualtrics produces software for customer surveys used by Microsoft and General Electric, which have helped more than eight times its revenue

God Billionaires MAs New of Industry of technologyY.A they One the couple of Siblings what Foundationor One Business of software in sorBanana of House of me parents in jute. now, Ryan and Red Smith & Co. to him sellAn Quentrix International A Giant Europe SAP By u$s8 Millions and MightAn greed Management Business.

Ryan, of 40 Años, J MAximo The executive and face overt of One initialization whatof way Unusualhe resistior A Get fortune Risk during MAs of ten Años and Finally cerror Agreements With Excel and Sequoia fortune.

With One evaluationorn MAs recently of u$s2,500 Millions, Quentrix Factory software for Surveys A Customers Used By Names same as Microsoft Office and general electrical power, what what helpor A MAs what Octopus me income in úthe last one seven Años.

Smith & Co. J One Good of Celebrity in A Ambito of Startups of jute Name alsoén estAn, and recién reaching A bag Domo Inc..

your Love By its status Nativity Doing what Quentrix support events same as lecture Silicon Slopes jute, what exhibition A membership native and Snowboarding and skiY. of Areaorn.

Ryan, what One time habrY.A Postponed One offer of u$s Millions By its Business; its Family and others A large Shareholders now pocketAn Some u$s7,000 Millions By me stock. Nothing Bad for A MAximo in charge of which wage It was of u$s100,000 Año Previously.

"One Never forget its the first one Appointmentorn With Ryan Smith & Co." I have writtenor in One advertisingorn of Blog Best regards Schreier, A Partner of Sequoia fortune.

"A Marketer Wild, Ryan complementary mentality discreet of engineer of its brother. but they, its father, Scott, and its Founder, Stuart, Obviously chunk A Select of Values"

Quentrix habY.A Is displayed papers for perform One offer & # 39;ública The initial in Countries No and he prepared for raise next to of u$s Millions.

God MAximo The executive of SAP, Bill Mac Dermot, he Watchor A character With One offer Y.completely in effective what I was MAs of 75% By above of evaluationorn projected for Business. B One call in lecture, Mac Dermot said what SAP there isY.A what to put Of money Because post Roadshow of Quentrix to him I was Going OK.

God the focus of Quentrix he Base in what what To be embodied "Managementorn of Experiences"XM), secún Schreier, of Sequoia. complex in To Nathan all the mirror of Experience of Client for strengthen its loyalty and me Recommendations, what what Business the judge fundamental in One éA little in what Networks Socially them Dan MAs Force what Never A Individuals for Express yourself.

God Other element Unusual of Quentrix J its Down, far away of AArea of in herY.A of screw Francisco, Considered cradle of Industry TechnologicallyorGica American. It Business Familiar he Boundor deep in Everything, M sponsorship of jute Then up Initiatives filantrordirt native. Ryan, A raisedorn, Usually Speak in & # 39;úpublic about potential of status.

"for Much people It's one a place J mozar" said Ryan, and mentionor Lack of Diversity and curiosity of Life in a place. "We have what Do it MAs andAeasy A people to be Here, Because We have Everything for to flip It in A magnificent coordinator Technologicallyorenchanted"

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