Thursday , February 25 2021

The Murder of Branka: The remains of a 10 year old girl hidden in her home [VIDEO] | Society

Remnants of the girl K. Y. Of 10 years who was raped and murdered by Julio Cesar Arcavinio Geraldo (21) In Barranca camouflaged today in his home in the city of Leticia. Family and friends seek justice for this crime that caused great wrath and pain.

This morning, after medical tests on the minor's body, he was handed over to their relatives. The results of the tests confirmed that the child was a victim of the rape She died of suffocation.

The girl had disappeared last Saturday, selling a lemon in a sports field in Leticia, Sufa County. His body was found Monday night in an open field in Baranka.

The police were caught hours later Julio Cesar Arcavinio Geraldo (21), Who admitted that he hit and choked K.Y.M.P. Of 10 years to kill her. Although he initially denied that he sexually abused the girl, in his recent statements the killer said that on Monday he raped and murdered the girl, but days before she was offended by a guy named Wilmer.

PNP agents continue their operations to find the whereabouts of the other person involved in the abduction, rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl in Branca.

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