Saturday , June 25 2022

The new historic maximum in Sao Paulo increases the market in Latin America


At the end of the meeting, the New York mixed-price spot ended a downgrade from the 0.76% rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, ending in 25,461.70 integers.

Also, selectively the S & P 500 rose 0.56% and stood at 2,728.31 units, although the Nasdaq Composite Index lost 0.38% and recorded 7,328.85 points.

The index of important technology groups was heavily influenced by Apple (-2.84%) and Amazon (-2.27%).

However, investors are still looking forward to tomorrow's legislative elections in the United States and their possible impact on the markets.

Meanwhile, in Latin America markets remain active because of the business carried out by companies in Brazil, the main regional reference.

Brazilian Iron Gerdau S.A. Summed up the sale of four Keren plants and others of its US assets to a commercial company for $ 600 million.

And Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has signed an $ 705 million agreement to provide American Airlines with 15 new E175 aircraft.

The Sao Paulo Stock Exchange rose 1.33% and the Aibosa index closed at 89,598 points, a new record, after trading at 14.810 million Rice (about $ 3,973 million).

On the same track, the Mexican consumer price index added 3.02% and 46,817.36 units were recorded, at a session where transactions were made for Mexican Peso 23,452 million (about $ 1,176 million).

The Merval index of Buenos Aires ended with a 0.03% increase to 31,429.30 integers, after movements of 601.43 million pesos (about $ 16.52 million).

The Santiago Stock Exchange surged 2.92% on its central index, the IPSA, which closed at 5,253.29 points, after performing 153,747,656,166 pesos ($ 226.099 million).

The S & P / BVL Pro-General index of Limo Coro finished at 19,274.50 integers after posting an increase of 0.57%, at a session where negotiations 19,609,322 batteries (approximately 5,826,570 USD) were negotiated.

The Montevideo Global Bonds Index rose 0.13% to 103.85 units after selling 18,158,970 Uruguayan pesos ($ 553,491).

The Colombian market did not work because it was a holiday in that country.

The evolution of Latin American stock exchanges was as follows:

Closing points

Sao Paulo + 1.33% 89,598
Mexico + 3.02% 46,817.36
Buenos Aires + 0.03% 31,429.30
Santiago + 2.92% 5.253,29
Columbia Festivo
Lima + 0.57% 19,274.50
MONTEVIDEO + 0.13% 103.85. EFE


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