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Ugly Betty: What exactly is San Marino? Finance Plitnida | advertising

Lorena Safda became internationally known for her role as Patricia Fernandez, better known as ‘Plitnida’, in “I’m the ugly Betty“The most successful Colombian telenovela of all time. Despite his arrogance and condescension, ‘Patty’ captured the heart of the public with his gestures, expressions and strange personality.

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Although 21 years have passed since his debut (1999), the story created by Fernando Gitan continues to give something to talk about thanks to his continuous broadcasts on various TV networks and his retirement to Netflix. Definitely, “Ugly Betty” He won a special place in the heart of the public with the love story of Beatrice Pinzon Solano and Don Armando Mendoza, played by Anna Maria Orozko and Jorge Enrique Abelu, respectively.

In history Patricia Fernandez Was the hated secretary of the presidency b Accommodation And the girlfriend of Marcella Valencia, the girlfriend of Don Armando. In addition, she was the enemy of the ugly barracks, not only because she treated them very badly, but because she believed in herself better than them.

The character of Lorena Chapeda Made the audience laugh out loud, especially because of his expressions. One of them, who never stopped repeating it, and made it famous, was: “I did 6 semesters of finance in San Marino.” In fact, this phrase aroused the curiosity of the fans: Does San Marino really exist? Here we tell you.

Patricia Fernandez was proud to have learned "Six semesters of funding in San Marino" Throughout the soap opera.  Photography:
Patricia Fernandez was proud to have studied “six funding semesters in San Marino” throughout the telenovela. Photo: “I’m Betty, Ugly” / RCN)

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“BETTY, LA FEA”: What exactly is LA SAN MARINO

“I did 6 semesters of funding in San Marino”. Patricia Fernandez used this phrase to show her level of preparation when someone wanted to interrogate her. He repeated this so many times that the phrase was documented in the collective memory and was even used in memes on social media.

But does San Marino really exist? Yes, there is the University of San Marino and it is located in the Republic of San Marino. According to information from Wikipedia, this is a university based in Montejardino and the city of San Marino in the Republic of San Marino. It was inaugurated on October 31, 1985.

The University of San Marino has 6 departments: Biomedical Studies, Communication, Economics and Technology, Education and Training, Historical Studies, and Law Studies. In addition, it is noticeable that the library has more than 30,000 books.

'La Peliteñida' was characterized by ambition, pretentiousness and impudence (Photo:
‘La Peliteñida’ was characterized by ambition, pretentiousness and impudence (Photo: “Hugh Soy Betty, La Pia” / RCN)

The famous expression of Patricia Fernandez It became so popular with the public that one of the fans of “Betty, La Pia” gave Lorna Chapeda a special gift during the theater tour of the telenovela, which took place in 2019 with the original cast. The anecdote took place before the start of a show in El Salvador.

This is a black shirt in which you can read “I did 6 semesters of funding. University of San Marino.” Lorena Chapeda was so happy with the gift that she used her Instagram account to show her appreciation to the fan.

“The most ooooooo !!! We were going to start a show in El Salvador and suddenly a very expensive blonde came in to take a picture with us and quickly gave me this gift. I did not have time to thank him, and say it, I love this shirt !! A thousand and a thousand thanks, “read an Instagram post accompanied by a photo of the actress wearing a polo shirt.

Lorna Chapeda played in Palinita (Photo: Lorna Chapeda / Instagram)
Lorna Chapeda played in Palinita (Photo: Lorna Chapeda / Instagram)

This is not the only anecdote of Lorena Chapeda With its symbolic character. On another occasion, the Colombian actress starred as Patricia Fernandez in the medical drama TV series “Enfermeras,” which was broadcast by RCN Television.

In one episode, Patricia offers to encourage a child with cancer who knows her at work in Akumoda. During the visit, the actress puts out some of her jokes, which make the little one laugh.

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