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Will Daniel Radcliffe be the next Wolverine?


Marvell is already looking for a replacement for a player who will play "Wolverine," after Younger Announced in 2018 that he was willing to give up the legendary character that was part of the "X-Men" saga for many years. While some say that Tom Hardy may be one of the candidates, the truth is that his commitments "venom" did not end there and a new sounds strong, no less than Daniel Radcliffe. Will he leave the Harry Potter box forever?

During the section on searches most fans do about a player with Wired, translated Revealed that there are many expectations from the fans to see him with small, crazy old claws and clothes capable of destroying everything in her path. In a way that he himself responded to these concerns:

"I would like to have a new Wolverine movie that starts with BioCamn in a bath with hot water, and when it comes out it turns out that it's me, so yes, I'm very happy to confirm it here." The words of Daniel Radcliffe Or can be considered as a real statement about its leading role in the new film, or it could be a simple joke.

Last week, Laura Schueller Donner, producer of all the mutant films for almost 20 years, at the Council of the Television Critics Association 2019 revealed that Marvell President Kevin Feiga would be responsible for making new project decisions

"Quinn And I worked on the first film, I was his boss. He has a lot of sensitivity to tell stories and the ability to build worlds and unite them. I trust him and I trust him to take care of X-Men, "as revealed by a report by Salshpilam, and only when asked about the search for a replacement Younger Interpret the unforgettable "Wolverine"She said," Yes, I really do not know what Quinn's current thought is (Feiga) and I do not know if he still knows who, I think he's dealing with all the new characters and how they can understand him. "

However, he clarified that who is the player who will play the character, must be someone young. He also justified the departure of Gomez from the saga but did not rule out the next performance. "Her body no longer allowed muscle to movies as before, I think it was smarter than her to say," So far, I can not anymore. "

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