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44 Ati families now own land in Boracay


The land reform President Duterte, with the assistance of the agrarian Reform Secretary John Castriciones (left), passes the land ownership certificate to the representative of the Ati family in Boracay Island. -MALACAANGANG Photo

BORACAY ISLAND, AKLAN – up to the ground in favor of your children.

It was the message of President Duterte to beneficiaries of land reform in the Aklan district, among them Ati families in Boracay Island, when he distributed land ownership certificates (CLO) on Thursday.

The President promised them assistance so they could reap the benefits of the land they own.

Mr. Duterte said the new grandchildren of landowners can even earn more money by selling land in the future.

"If I were you, make it productive, and someday sell it, at least your children and grandchildren will be millionaires, so in the meantime, make it productive and when [prohibition] The period is over, you can sell it and make millions [of pesos]," he said.

"Then there will be an atlas that will be rich one day," he added.

Land owners

The president said the following things that led to the distribution of Cloa to 484 beneficiaries from Aklan in a program held at Barangay Manoc-Manoc here.

It divided 623 clove covers 274 hectares in the cities of Buruanga, Malay Tangelan. Forty-four Ati families in Boracay, which is part of Malay, received five collective colva covering 3.2 ha.

In April, days after Malacañang announced that Boracay will close for six months environmental restoration, President Duterte, to the surprise of many, declared the resort island 1,032-area agrarian reform.

The law classifies the country's leading tourist destination as an agricultural and forest area, the president said.

Initial assessment, however, showed that land reform may not be possible on the island because it is only 4 hectares of agricultural land.

But Mr. Duterte, in May and June, defended the land reform planned in Boracay. He said that the country would be transferred to the tribe of Pati, considered the first settlers on the island.

The government, through the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples, issued in 2011 a certificate of ancestral domain title (CADT) to the Ati tribe covering 2.1-ha beach front property in Barangay Manoc-Manoc, one of the three villages of Boracay.

The community occupies only part of the CADT-covered property due to ownership disputes.

Aid Gov & t

"To the agrarian reform beneficiaries … here in Acklen, I greet my warmest congratulations to all of you as you become full owners of the land you employ for the longest time," said Mr. Doertt.

"I assure you that this administration will continue to defend your right to hold, control, secure, cultivate, strengthen and reap the benefits of the farmland you need so far," he said.

Earlier, the Agrarian Reform Department (DAR) said the land reform beneficiaries would be trained so that they could properly exploit the land.

They will also receive garden kits and agricultural tools, said Secretary of Agrarian Reforms John Castrionis.

Mr. Duterte said Minister of Agriculture Manny Piniol would be tasked with providing beneficiaries with fertilizer and seedlings.

"I have all the governmental authorities concerned to work towards agricultural productivity and environmental integrity through policies and programs that cascade into the village," he said.

Stefan Leonidas, director of the Western Visayas DAR region, said his ministry would introduce agricultural technologies and slowly train beneficiaries to prepare them for cultivating their lands. Reports from Villa Junction and intensive investigation

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