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Dota 2: 10 Most Expensive Cosmetic Items


In Dota 2, it would be interesting if the player simply focus on mastering it, especially because it is inherently conditioned on visual effects as a "video game".

Aspects that increase the graphic quality of Dota 2 such as cosmetic items require a game since the customizations provide aesthetic appeal, ambient influences, new ability symbols, animations, and many more for the player, whether professional or not.

Cosmetic items, known as "hats" by the community, have different categories. While there is a game "drops" available on a rare basis, there are some that can not be spoils of war, so to speak.

For example, immortals, "rare" of all cosmetics items, are exclusively released on valve events, especially during the much anticipated international.

Some items are only available on other servers, while some complement buy exclusive merchandise in real life.

Since they are under the subject under "Limited Tradability," they are generally prized in a high market and are not even sometimes available. Traders tend to exceed them.

FOX Sports Asia has recorded the top 10 most expensive items of all time, with the exception of Crimson and Golden versions of certain corals, as well as unusual messengers, as they appear today in the steam market:

10. Eternal Machine (immortal) – Clockwerk

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

While the item simply provides an elongated Clockwerk head with touches of gold and silver, like a Mohawk gear, a light blue pair of lens in the eyes of "Poor Poor", it costs about $ 500.00.

This was originally achieved during Summer Summer Steam in 2014, where the user must collect online trading cards for steam and design "badges", forms of merit shown on one's profile, to win prizes.

The head is given on the fifth and last level of crafting, where only about one hundred copies of the item is available, thus justifying the current price, even if it does not provide anything else.

It is the largest combat weapon of Clawork that the people ever knew, "through which he" finally reached the peak of destructive power. "

9. The Guard of the Red Fog (mythological) – Ax

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Based on an item within the game of the same name, which is commonly used to build for him, this item costs an ax around $ 750.00.

It was originally available in original quality in 2013, which has bought a real life Vanguard Shield from Weta Workshop, a New Zealand-based company that supports.

The eyes of the "hellwether", a ram-like creature, embedded on the item will light up if the player picks up Vanguard in the game.

The item was no longer available, for the Vanguard had already been phased out. While the Trust of the Beneficent 2016, a treasure containing all the items, released the item again, only 25 copies were available for the entire community.

He shares the same slot with the immortal item of Ex, a coat of Baron Sinder, who personally his adventure in a hunger battle and has influences like lava and style to choose from, which is more accessible for less fortunate.

8. Crashed Greatsword (mythical) – Sven

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

This $ 770.00 Sven weapon was only available during the 2015 event by Nexon, a South Korean Dota 2 server.

A larger number of Sven's other weapons, the item has blue particles and probably gives him his automatic swing.

However, when Sven's immortal item, Vigil Triumph, was released in 2017, the old item was allegedly outclassed.

Sven's newer weapon, in accordance with Nexon's exclusive item size, actually offered the same environmental effects and improved it by adding people to its load, inspiration and great crape, plus a customized ability symbol.

Perhaps one's intention of getting this is to simply let others know that he / she can afford expensive items.

Tsukumu – The Moon (mythical) cloud – Myrna

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Mount Mirana, whose name is Fortimento of the Japanese words "cliffs" (moon) and "como" (cloud), is around $ 800.00 in the market.

The item, taken from East Asian folklore rabbit, was only available in 2017, when one buys a miRNA sculpture and communal trainers "Artgerm" and "MarkNewman".

It has two styles to choose from when the first one is the embodiment of leporine. Custom spawn, idle, running animations are available.

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The second style looked like a cruel cat, painted in shades of blue and white sky, with glowing eyes and markings on his body. It does not have custom animations, however.

In any case, alternating between a thin, cute rabbit and a tiger, aggressive, cool is possible, should have one mount.

6. Dragonclaw Hook (immortal) – Fudge

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Originally a mythological item back in 2012, costing only less than one hundred dollars, its price escalated when Pedagog became very popular thanks to veteran Danil "Dandy" Ishutin. As of writing, it sits around $ 830.00.

The item customizes Fudge's hook as a "claw of the black dragon's left toe," with its spinal cord chain. He also gets "bone chains" in the back of his arms.

Its brilliant appearance and light colors can catch enemies by surprise, compared to the more complex and fickle Viking wikis, such as Hook of Wild Sorrow, Woolhook, Ripples Real, and more.

5. Lava and baby heads of ice (immortality) – messenger

Dota 2 cosmetic items

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Images courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Miniature versions of the most unusual and strongest neutrality of the game are listed between $ 900.00 and $ 1000.00.

Lava Roshan Lava has a "Lego of Flame" Gem Gemure and a "Pyroclastic Flow" prism while Rudan Baby Ice has a "touch of frost" and "glacial flow." Both display their basics in detail and leave paths as they move across the map.

Or courier can only be accepted in two ways: the Roshan gift, an exclusive tournament product from the Chinese DOT 2 server in the perfect world; Or promotion code in the purchase of the Roshan Statue, during the Dota 2 Championship in Asia.

According to the messenger, the actors will also be able to accept the screens of Rushan (Lava) and Rashan.

Staller Alps Set (immortal) – Ursa

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Initially criticized by fans with its release in 2012, this Ursa set remains to be one of the most expensive items on the market today, priced at around $ 1220.00 in total.

Set contains the following items: Lucky Alpine Stalker & Hat ($ 660.00); Alpin Stalker scarf ($ 310.00); Pants of Alpin Stoker ($ 190.00); And Alpine Stalker's Gloves ($ 60.00).

The set was originally rare, based on the Wild West theme where Ursa dons cowboy hat, scarf, gloves, and pants. There are no particles at all.

Many feel that he lacks appearance in the mirror and does not fit Ursa's teachings, indicating that he is "the most powerful member of the Orsi tribe" who once killed "spreading evil" in the forest, his village.

In fact, it was immediately removed from the game, although some players managed to keep their own. The set was then transformed into the first items of the immortality of the game.

While the set makes Ursa look fashionable, it will no doubt alert other players how rich its owner is.

Ax of fractus (mythical) – Ax

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Another Weta Item Workshop is considered one of the most expensive cosmetics in the game, tagged at almost $ 1700.00

The Ax figurine must be bought in order to get the original quality item, now available to the public.

It seems that the weapon is a double steel, which is still distilled in forging. There are sparks and molten particles, which are customizing the counter of the Helix.

Besides the Wyvernguard Edge, this is the only Ax weapon that has environmental effects, making it a worthy but expensive asset.

2. Monarch Arch (mythical) – Danger Ranger

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Another Weta workshop item is part of the list, valued at $ 1730.00. It was available in 2013, by purchasing a butterfly sword.

The bow, supposedly based on a butterfly in a game and a butterfly and a monarch butterfly, has shades of missile, denim and black. It has environmental effects, where strings illuminate in electric blue color.

Whenever Dang Ring casts her hard arrows, blue blue butterflies emerge from the bow.

Along with the rainbow of the blasphemous wind, this is just a Drow Ranger arc that has a Frost Arrow effect, although some of its other arcs provide environmental particles, such as the Arch of Frostfangs, the Lonely Traveler's Arch, and Legacy.

Platinum Baby Rushan

Dota 2 cosmetic items
(Photo courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

This Roshan messenger is cut over all other cosmetic items, even if some of them are combined, with an estimated value of $ 2000.00.

It was originally given Diretide 2013 players who made it into the Sugar Hall of Fame's fame.

Courier has "Gemic Yoni" Gem Gemery and Prismatic Platinum Prismatic Gem, a combination of which other couriers, including Baby Roshans, do not.

As of today, one of Platinum Baby's single ladies in the steam market has been changed and "upgraded", her original prism has been replaced with that of Golden Baby Roshan, the gold of Midas.

Since when the price of one "item" exists just behind the computer screen be enough to buy two new iPhone X?

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