Monday , October 3 2022

Follow the ready Lamborghini Uros ST-X Concept Unveiled


Lamborghini unveiled its future race car based on Uros's new ST-X!

After delivering its first one-off hypercar in history, the SCS Alston, Lamborghini has decided to introduce what its racing division – Lamborghini Squadra Corse, can do with Uros recently launched. And the result is … well … as expected, he's quite bonkers! And here it is, the brand new Lamborghini Uros ST-X Concept. Essentially the SUV for the racetrack, the new super Uros as it is to be dubbed by social media has been ready for one-rallycross racing style series that the Italian manufacturer is set to display in the near future. The Uros ST-X packs exactly the same amount of power compared to the production version but is much easier.


Lamborghini ST-X

In fact, weight reduction is absolutely massive! 25 percent larger is lighter than its production version, the new Lamborghini Uros ST-X still packs exactly the same turbocharged V8 engine that makes 641 bhp of peak power 850 nm of peak torque. The car will serve the racing series, which will debut in 2020, and will be held on purpose built race tracks in the Middle East and throughout Europe.


Lamborghini ST-X

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Changes include a new carbon fiber hood with massive air intake, a full race escape and a massive rear wing. Uros Lamborghini ST-X also has a FIA chassis approved stem race roll cage specification along with a certified fire suppression system and a large "FT3" fuel tank fuel. Lamborghini has also added a set of 21 inch center-wheeled wheels with Pirelli tires along with a slightly elevated suspension setup that can navigate possible bumps and bad surfaces that this car will need to withstand when it goes racing. And to wrap it all up, the car has been painted a special rose Mantis.

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