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של of all silhouettes

Twitter Founder and CEO Jules Dorsey At a leadership summit in Mumbai on Thursday. Inset: He squeaked an image of the menu Bandera A restaurant known for its street food and food; PIC: Sachin HARALKAR

■ Dinner and reception?


She did not expect Sue Seth, the man who was always at the center of a noisy party, to remain silent for too long. Seth is still making news, and the marketing man, who has been living for more than a year with Lakshmi Manon, seems to be getting into trouble with the lady. Two weeks ago at his Gurgaon, in the presence of his mother, his partner and brother Swapan Seth and fewer than 10 close friends Seth reported that on vacation with Manon, Goa and Switzerland are considered destinations.It has a lot of buzzing and secretly getting married there, but your diary was unable to confirm However, Seth sent the message to Save Date for dinner he plans to host at his home on December 25. The invitation has been signed by Lakshmi and Suhel.

Friends of bikers

When leading an industrialist and a car entrepreneur Anand Mahindra Launched his new motorcycle in the city yesterday, he had an unusual person to admit. Mahindra named actor Avraham Avraham as having given him a boost when he considers introducing a new motorcycle – a symbol in India. "I once gave a ride from New Delhi to Mumbai, and we came to talk about a bike, he described one very popular thing to do like a bike that gets under your skin, and it's one model that works in your blood.It did this to me, "Said Handra. We all know Abraham to be great Action hero And amateur bike enthusiast; The player can now add an organizational consultant to his resume.

A line of plagiarism

Artist Michelle Poonwalla, who recently opened her first solo, Born Free, landed in controversy. What was supposed to be Ode Lseva, the famous architect architect Engier Wasefder, was damaged by a claim of phishing plagiarism. Shortly after the show opened at the Angry Art Gallery last week, Filipino artist Carby Rosenzas accused Ponwalla of the social media of copying his work. The gallery of art, as a matter of "abundant caution", then removed from the painting in question. Poonawalla privately apologized to Rosanes and issued a public statement on his demand. "I think he's a brilliant artist and after seeing his work body, I'm a big fan, and for the works that inspired me, I want to give him credit," said Fonwallah. At the request of Rossens, proceeds from the sale of the painting will go to charity preservation "Save the international rhinoceros." He wrote on social media: "Let this subject be a lesson for all of us artists on giving credit in full, admit mistakes and respect the work around us."

Green fame

Bonnie Master Prajakta Giridhari Kale has bagged the prestigious Guinness World Record for the largest display of bonsai trees in the world. 3,333 Kyle's bonsai trees, created and nurtured by her in Pune, were counted yesterday in the city by Roche Nath, a judge of Guinness World Records. Kyle is the first woman in the world to achieve the global achievement in bonsai art. It hit the previous record of 2,649 trees, which has been held by Swami Ganapathy Sachchidananda from Mysore since 2016. The tree count was completed in the center of its organization Parandavadi, Bonsai Namaste, at 8 am yesterday, and the record was announced shortly after. Kyle was later elected Minister of Finance and Mahrashtra Province in the presence of international bonsai dignitaries and artists, including Rodney Ng, the Indonesian veteran bonsai.

Although she knew the record was hers, Kyle was nervous when the counting process began. "But the trees were well numbered and they were happy," she said. In February this year, the Bonsai artist organized the world's largest bonsai conference. Bonsai is known in the form of Japanese art, but its origins are in India, believes in Kyle. "I want to bring back its position here, the art bonsai is celebrating the world and the artists are in high demand … I want to teach it to people, especially agriculture, to which it can be a good source of income," says the gentleman who laid our city on the green map.

@nowme_datta Why is DeepWeer & Veerika not? How do these couple names be determined? Like why is it Virushka and not AnuVir? I feel that we need to have a national referendum on these crucial issues.

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