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Honda discovers five new medium-weight motorcycles at EICMA 2018


Honda unveiled the entire 2019 European fashion motorcycle in full at the EICMA exhibition in Milan, with the introduction of two new model names and three upgraded models, bringing new energy to the middle weight area of ​​Honda's extensive product line.


Having introduced the CB1000R, the CB300R and the CB125R triangle of nude models for 2018, Honda now brings a unique Neo Sports Cafe look to the midweight arena. The language of styling is modern and minimalist, and inspires inspiration for cafes and a super-compact trapeze train for eye effect. The four-cylinder engine is linked to full display, and the round front lamp and sculpted fuel tank emphasize the sense of family sport of Neo Sport.

With premium appearance comes the premium spec: 41mm Showa reverse down function separate "forks, radial mount four front piston front brake, Honda selectable torque control, help / clutch clutch and ultramodern appliances.

The result is a desirable naked medium weight with a unique combination of appearance, performance and top specification.


Another name for the new model on the Honda line-up is the midweight CBR650R midweight.

It features a new styling that draws strongly on the Fireblade CBR1000RR for its sharp, aggressive rows and extended side edges, plus a super short rear part and a narrow double LED flashlights. The CBR650R is 6kg lighter than the CBR650F (which it replaces) with a sporty riding position thanks to the handlebar positioned 30mm ahead, and footpegs moving in both back and up.

This classic Honda four-cylinder engine revs 1,000rpm higher, producing 5 percent more power than the top end with a record peak of 94bhp reaching 12,000 rpm ensuring that along with the sculpted and packed look of the new machine's R & D is worthy .

47bhp conversions will be available for both CB650R and CBR650R.

CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X

Honda's vibrant parallel 500cc engine has sold more than 75,000 motorcycles in Europe since its arrival in 2013.

After first arriving at the CB500F CB2F, CBR500R and CB500X, the 2019 engine has a stronger power torque between three and seven thousand rpm, and moderately lightweight trio powers in upgraded packages with higher specifications, sports, adventure and stronger identities.

All three models now have a new rear suspension, assist / clutch clutch, full LED lighting, modern LCD handsets with gear positioning and indication up-up, and a new dual-port scarf for richer motor note.

The CB500F roadster has a new sharp style from front to back, with even more angled angle and side shrouds that interlock clean with a fuel tank. The CBR500R is also redesigned: it is narrower and sharper with a strong Fireblade style inspiration and sportier riding stance.

The compact adventurer CB500X, meanwhile, has a much stronger X-factor "thanks to the new 19-wheel front, more front and rear drive suspension, thin seat, wider steering angle, and more tough fairing which also enhances wind protection.

The 500cc and 650cc engine platforms comprise 35% of Honda's largest motorcycle sales in Europe. These five new products for the 2019 offer a well rounded balance of exciting mid-performance for riders of all levels of experience while providing the potential stepping stones to Honda's flagship Honda, adventure and sports models.

Also discovered at EICMA are a number of other product updates:

CBR1000RR Fireblade and CBR1000RR Fireblade SP

After the full model change in 2017, the next phase of fire control in the next step "improved for 2019, with changes in its electronics package aimed at optimum circuit performance." Thus, HSTC and ABS have changed, and the top power setting is increased on the input basis of the MotoGP HRC program. Selectable torque control Wheelie control functions are now separated, with a new W indicator on the instrument panel.

The Grand Prix red color has a thicker white stripe for a slightly more tricolore effect, while Matt Blasty's black metallic version is now completely black except for its CBR Red logo.


After an immediate hit on its arrival in 2017 and upgraded in 2018 with the multi-level Honda to choose torque control G to shift more gears and transmission gear out of its dual-gear transmission, for the 2019 Honda motorcycle's SUV "will now come in new colors, Green ".

Gold wing GL1800

The Golden Wing, synonymous with comfort, luxury and quality for more than 40 years, has been redesigned by 2018 to be sharper, lighter and more compact while maintaining its reputation as a technological flag ship with many new features, including Apple's first adoption CarPlay on a motorcycle.

For the 2019, both the GL1800 Gold Wing itself and the manual transmission version of the Gold Wing Tour will be available in a new dark dark black metallic color. The top of the Gold Range Wing Tour with the clutch transmission Dual will be available in new Pearl Blue Hockey ".


For the 2019, the high-performance high-performance medium-sized scooter is recently fitted with a Honda-selectable "smart control torque" box linked up with its remote key system.

Additional color updates

The CB1000R flagship of the Honda Neo Sports Coffee Naked model will be available in a new new silver metallic color sword, both under the standard guise and version CB1000R + With a wide range of factory fit accessories "including heated grip, aluminum panel panel and back panel embracing, flyscreen, single seat, radiator grille with CB1000R logo, and quickshifter.

rebels The unique Honda 500cc take on a custom cool will be available in the new Cadet Gray and Matt Gray Gray metallic matt.

Integra A new bright white pearl for the machine which incorporates useful motor scooter and dynamic performance.

NC750X Darker sides on the silver side for the most practical thing to do anything "750cc machine.

SH125 and SH150 Black (silver for white paint) Front panels and side panels add extra class premium grade through the scooter.

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