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PCIe 4.0 Feature Popping Up X470 BIOS Motherboard


Motherboard manufacturers are hard at work prepping the X570 seriesboards for the new Ryzen 3000 processors. These will also bring PCI-Express 4.0 towards the ecosystem. Interestingly, Gigabyte has released new BIOS updates for their Ryzen 3000 compatibility (among others) the X470 motherboards. And guess what the BIOS displays?

It seems that the company added the option for PCIe 4.0 in the latest BIOS update for its Ausus Gaming Wi-Fi X470 motherboard. This information was detected by a Reddit user who is observant and then verified by Tom's hardware. Gigabyte has not yet officially announced the new option.

It can be a crossover feature designed for the X570 which is somehow distributed towards the X470. In the update from AMD they write:

AM4 boards of 300 and 400 AM4 can support PCIe 4.0. AMD does not lock the feature out, instead it will be up to the vendors to verify and qualify the standard faster on its motherboards on a case-by-case basis. The motherboard providers that support this feature will enable BIOS updates, but these updates will be at the discretion of the vendor. As noted below, support can be limited to slots based on board, switch, and mux layouts.

PCIe versionLine CodeTransfer rateBandwidth x1x4x8x16
1.08b / 10b2.5 GT / s250 MB / s1 GB / s2 GB / s4 GB / s
2.08b / 10b5 GT / s500 MB / s2 GB / s4 GB / s8 GB / s
3.0128b / 130b8 GT / s984.6 MB / s3.938 GB / s7.877 GB / s15.754 GB / s
4.0128b / 130b16 GT / s1.969 GB / s7.877 GB / s15.754 GB / s31.508 GB / s

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