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Quickly end your insomnia with almonds and white rice


When I was still a student, I had terrible sleep habits, especially when it was a vacation. I would stay up late, sometimes not sleep because of unfinished school jobs, and it eventually took a toll on my overall health. Of course, I was tired all the time as well.

Now, I managed to regulate my schedule. Even if I go to sleep late, I'm still trying to get at least six hours of closed eyes so I do not feel too blurred in the morning after. (Coffee is also life-saving). But in recent days it has been hard for me – maybe it's because of my flight. While a hot milk trick ol is an effective way to help get a good night's sleep, it may not work for everyone. So what else can you eat and / or drink to nod? Check out our list to find out.

Chamomile tea


If you like chewing on almonds, you are lucky because they have melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep. Healthline also noted that magnesium in this nut will greatly help in improving the quality of sleep because it reduces the effect of cortisol, a stress hormone. You only need to consume at least one ounce and you're good!

White rice or oatmeal

Lucky us Philippines, white rice really can help you fall asleep. Because it is high in carbohydrates and low in fiber, it has a high glycemic index which can improve the quality of sleep. A study cited that rice many hours before bedtime is ideal.

Looking for a healthy carb option? Try oatmeal. Just like white rice, it can make you feel drowsy after eating a bowl. Psychology Today Also mentioned that it will increase the serotonin in your brain, which is responsible for relaxing it. Feel free to adjust your porridge too, and we recommend using a few slices of kiwi.


The bedroom doctor cited a research that says that kiwi is a fruit that must eat for those who have drowsy problems. The researchers found that daily kiwi intake would improve the quality and quantity of sleep. It is said to have high antioxidant levels in serotonin, as well as vitamin C that helps treat sleep apnea. Now we just love this fruit even more.

Cherry juice

I like cherries and cherry juice so much that I would snack on a jar when I was a kid. Little did not know that the latter actually contain natural melatonin and improve sleep. It was also found that cherry juice is rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients that help in soothing muscle pain after exercise. Medical research even compared the effect to ibuprofen. Who knew that cherries would be using other than being ice cream and wax in medicine taste?

Tuna and salmon

A University of Pennsylvania study in 2017 It was found that people who eat more fatty fish such as tuna and salmon have a high quality of sleep. According to the researchers, a high level of omega-3 helped greatly. In addition, they focused mainly on schools and found that they underwent additional tests after eating more fish. So you get a better sleep straight and a run-time to the supermarket.

Cottage cheese

Hello, cheese lovers, you do it right if you have cottage cheese in your diet. According to Sleep Foundation, it is high in lean protein and also has trytophan, which may increase serotonin levels. Feel free to make this dessert as well – say, add a few grains for an improvised cheese dish.

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