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Shardog Prospect Watch: Tyler McGuire

Do not give Tyler
Of the nice man and the stupid man you. Who stands before him
The cage from it tends to pick up and hit.

The 32-year-old prospect took one of the more interesting
Mixed tactics. McGuire was born and raised by
Single mother on the mountain. Nice, Iowa. She lived the work ethic
This will push him towards professional sports. He always found
Success in athletics as a child, and after the competition in a number
In high school sports, McGuire chose to play football in Iowa
University of Wesleyan.

"I played soccer for four years, and since then I've had another year
At college, I played football in my fifth year, "McGuire
said. "I was the combiner and the kite and the whole American scout team
Shelter ".

McGuire graduated from education, but she still had irritation
Compete with something. His wife – she was his girlfriend at
Introduced him to her cousin, Gabe Lemley,
Who practiced at Miletich Combat Systems in Bettendorf, Iowa, and
Professional fights in MMA. McGuire began to train with Lemley
House and turn it into a bucket list and aim to fight the match cage only
Once in his life. He practiced every day for three months and took
His first amateur fight in 2012.

"I took my first fight, [and] I won this battle in a minute. "
McGuire said. "I remember thinking, 'Wow, it's stupid, I'm just
We trained for three months and fought for one minute. "

A few months later, McGuire won the second amateur battle. Again, this
It took about a minute. He continued to win an amateur title in time
He fought for a two-day post and carried his momentum to 6-0
Just before joining the United States Army.

"I joined the Air Force in 2012 to become an expert SERE, active
"It's a must," said McGuire. "The training pipe took me two years
Complete ".

SERE represents survival, evasion, escape resistance, and
McGuire's role was to bring men and women home safely, no matter what
scenario. He still serves as a symbol and symbolizes SERE – a
A fact which has led to a career change in MMA opportunity. : After two
Years of training upon receipt of his approval, McGuire
Brought him to Spokane, Washington, where he met Rick Little,
Head coach in Sikjitsu. The gym was at home
Ultimate Fighting Championship
veteran Michael
and drug

"As soon as I started being certified and certified, my friend took me
Sikjitsu, and they did not receive new students, so they put me down
Through the ring, "McGuire said," after I've held myself and you
Which I showed up the next day, I was part of the team. "

Although McGuire was accepted, he admits he was a little bit
Threatened by the current talent in the gym, especially after not
Training for more than two years.

"I went into the gym, to Mike Chase and Sam Cecilia
There's training, "McGuire said," I did not talk to any of them
For six months, unless they spoke with me out of respect. "

After six months of practice, McGuire was ready to compete again.
But because he was already 29, Little told him it was time
His first professional battle.

"He told me that I was ready to go to a professional and did not believe it
Him, "McGuire said," but I've become Peru, and here we are. "

McGuire won his first professional competition in the first round
Knockout on April 3, 2015. Since then he jumped over 10 more
Wins – seven of them finishes within one round – push his
Record to 11-0. Meanwhile, McGuire had to go to Hawaii
His teacher's certification SERE took advantage of the opportunity
Train at MMA Alliance. There, an encounter with the Lee family
Changed the course of his career again. After McGuire flirted
With the idea of ​​signing up with the UFC, he crossed paths with
Another major MMA organization.

"The Lee family congratulated me and helped me practice in their gym"
He said, "I practiced Christian
to me
Women with atomweight title]Zhang Li,
And that gave me my preface to one; And I really liked how
They describe MMA. "

The company offered McGuire a chance to compete with One
The "Power Pursuit" Championship on July 13 in Malaysia. He expected
Struggle for a low profile since he will mark his debut, however
To his surprise, he got a groove of grand
fruit. One of them put a tournament of four men after weight
Aluf Ben Askran
Announced his retirement. McGuire jumped at the opportunity, and soon
Revealed the identity of his opponent semi-final: 75-veteran fighter
Luis "Safo" Santos.

"I thought they were going to give me heating, but they told me
I'm going to fight Luis Santos,
And I was like the saint of —, "Said McGuire." He fought with his teammate
Of mine back in the day and beat him 13 seconds. "

McGuire redeemed his opportunity and jumped up agitated
Santos, riding heavy pressure and his coping skills with a
A unanimous decision. Next: date with Zvzetian
For the empty crown
One Championship "Dream Warrior"
On 17 November in Jakarta,
Indonesia. Motivation will not be a problem.

Those who have seen McGuire fight on a regular basis know he is
Wearing a shirt "autistic children rock" whenever he competes – a
A reminder of why he was still enthusiastic. The shirt
Appreciate the time he worked with autistic children
In the Iowa school system. McGuire felt the need to attract the special needs
A student while teaching in Iowa, where he helped create one
Of the country's first educational programs, which helps in particular
Children on the autism spectrum.

"The main reason I wear the shirt is that one of the child's parents
I worked with I gave me the green shirt after I helped their child. "
McGuire said. "I always wear this awareness, and since then thousands
Of people coming to my fights, why not try to spread positive
awareness? "

The message seemed to echo in public.

"After every battle, father, mother, brother, cousin
Come to me and tell me a personal story about how autism is affected
Their lives, "said McGuire." Mother came to me crying because
It tells her the world. "

McGuire clung to the short-term goal of capturing one
Championship title heavyweight but feels like he is fighting
More than just your own belt. He fought for his air force
Team members, Autism Awareness, Cyndi his 3-year-old wife
The daughter Kennedy.

"It will not last forever," McGuire said. "I just want mine
His wife look back and be proud to call me her husband and mine
The daughter look back and be proud to call me her father. "

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