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By Myrna M. Velasco

The planned upgrade of the Taguig-Baras line of transmission capacity to 500 kilobolts will improve the wheel of electricity in Metro Manila, according to the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines.

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The total cost of the project was pegged at P9.5 billion and submitted for approval by the Energy Regulatory Commission. The average opening of construction is February 2019 and due to completion in August 2020.

The line will cross Taguig City and move on to Taytay, Binangonan Baras and Morong Towns in the Rizal district.

The broadcast upgrade project will consist of a new 500kV station to be installed at Taguig; With a 230kV transmission line that will stretch from Taguig via Taytay in Rizal province.

As explained by the state broadcasting service provider, it will "help decongest other service stations in Metro Manila," and as such, it will improve the reliability of the electricity transmission in covered areas.

Equally, upgrading the capacity of the line, as noted by NGCP, will increase the demand for electricity exposed in the core segment of the economic corridor in the country.

NGCP stressed that "with the ever-increasing demand in Metro Manila and the nearby provinces of Luzon, the reliability of electricity transmission is something NGCP needs to ensure."

He stressed that the new 500-kilowatt TAUGIG-BERS line will be one of the largest transmission networks to support the smooth transfer of electricity, while the demand is also at an ever-increasing pace.

NGCP noted that the track survey for the project has been completed, but it has been trained that coordination meetings should be done for the purpose of line redirection due to the parallel construction of the new Skyway project along the C-6 track.

The company said it "works closely with local government and relevant agencies with the initial phase of implementation, which includes the acquisition of security authorizations, security certificates and submission of the necessary documents."

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