Thursday , October 28 2021

Thailand coach Milovan Rajevac talks about injury crisis


Speaking of the media the day before the game, defender Barito Putera shared that there is nothing unusual about the preparation of the class.

"We do not have anything special for this game, Coach (Bima Sakti) only manager and described us again about what we need to do when we defend, especially our organization, and how we should play as a team cover each other."

Jasmo was also asked about his central defense partnership, especially with whom he would like to play with more if with captain Fachrodin Ariantou or Ricky Paggin, answered Colosse's back Grodas, "(there is) no problem with both, I do not have I have a problem with them, Ricky and Parodin, both of whom can make me feel comfortable (as a partner) in the protective zone. "

Finally most talked about the striker currently in the Suzuki Cup tournament was up, Adisak Kraisorn. The question focused particularly on how Indonesia, as a class, would deal with the fatal finish.

But the captain chose to focus more on themselves, noting that the capabilities of Adissac were already there and that is what it is, and that their preparation for the war on the elephant remains the same, stressing again that there is nothing special that is out of their routine.

"The most important thing for us is our mentality, we need an initiative to win this game, but for the special preparation for Adesk, I have no," summed up Nsimmo.

Indonesia will stand in front of the theater in Thailand on November 17, 2018 at Raja Stadium in Mangala. Kick is in the 1930 SGT.

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