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The Overwatch League's once dominant team opened up to their one season failure


Photo: Robert Paul (Blizzard Entertainment)

New York Excelsior the first season Overwatch The league ended with more questions than answers, most of them boiling to some variation on "what happened?" The answer to this question depends on who you are talking to. Two friends lead him to the blurred waters of moving meta, but to hear another one tell it, sandbags also played a part.

For most Overwatch The first season of the league, it looks like the playoffs and finals will only be informal. The new throne, which had just been born, had its successors: New York Excelsior, Akka, New York. The team dominated almost every game they played during the first season of three stages. But when it was time to close the deal, NYXL collapsed.

Even as Blizzard seemed to have hired the Barclays New York Center for the finals, only for the NYXL the jump from the playoffs by the eternal underdog Philadelphia Fuse. NYXL still finished the season with the best record in the league – 34-6, 10 games better than the two teams that competed in the final – but disappeared when it was very important.

talking to Kotaku Tanning Super League Season two preview event in Los Angeles Last week, players NYXL chalked the sudden version to a negative meta. For most of the season, the teams relied on quick, aggressive "dive" creations, including coordinated performances, high damage and targeted healing. It has become players like Zenith Maestro Sung-hyeon "JJonak" Bang and Widowmaker genius Do-hyeon "pine" Kim into the stars. But then, towards the end of the season, a double-sniper meta around the center of Widomaker and Hanzo took over, leaving the tactics of the NYXL seem outdated.

"I could not," said JJonak Kotaku Using a translator. "I did not adjust to the new headquarters because it was a meta-widow-Hanso, and I could not adjust to a widow who saw my head and kill me with one shot.

"It's quite true that we like a shirt, like, one or two matches, I would say."

DPS Player Jung-riol "Saibolbe" agreed to the park. "Before the new headquarters, I was a Tracer, I was used to a faster pace and focused on the same goal as [NYXL tank] Mano, as part of Winston-Treiser. But then the headquarters changed. It was Payne who played more than a widow, but when I played, I could not. I'm good now in the widow, but then I was not on the level I am now. "

However, team members do not fully agree on what went wrong. When NYXL began to fall, the prevailing theory is that they were sandbagging – that is, slacking following their unprecedented dominance to rest and prevent new strategies from the hungry eyes of their opponents. At the same time, it made some sense, especially considering that Fine missed a whole stage because of what he calls "stress and panic disorder".

When I asked JJonak and Saebyeolbe if the NYXL had deliberately stopped giving their all to recover from the torment of multiple games per week and brutal practice schedules, JJonak offered only a short answer. "It just was not a good meta for us," he said.

However, on the last episode of Photo 1 of: Support program, NYXL player support Yeon-joon "closet" Hong suggested a slightly different explanation, mentioning both meta and sandbagging.

"We tried to do something that was not at headquarters – trying to fight it," he says. "It's not that we did not try or anything, although it's pretty true that we're like a shirt, like, one or two matches, I'd say."

He justified the sandbagging by saying that when teams lead, it makes sense to scrim with other groups less and focus on gathering information instead of giving it away.

This season, NYXL will do their best to live up to a potential volcano that seems to head off its last season. Since the end of the first season, OverwatchMeta has undergone a number of shifts, mainly in the heavy tank and healing tank based on HP, known as GOATS. The metal is not exactly loved – JJonak and Saebyeolbe say GOATS is too similar to the games, and they miss the high flying days, the dollars – but the NYXL is ready.

"The META will mostly GOATS, and some teams will be comp comp comps," Saebyeolbe said. "How do we prepare for this secret."

Will their secret strategy involve zenitha?

"Yes," JJonak said with a grin.

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