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US grant over P300-M support to Intel Philippines


The United States (US) has pledged to give more than $ 300 million in aid to boost the intelligence capability of the Philippines, Malakañang said on Monday, February 11.

In a statement, presidential spokesman Salvador Panello said that the government of the United States welcomes the commitment of the United States and stresses that such assistance will help the Philippines in the fight against terrorism.

"We welcome the commitment of the United States to fight terrorism, and this shows that our military alliance with the United States remains strong," the official said.

"Terrorism knows no borders, politics, religion and faith. This is the new evil in the world that affects every country and every continent, and we need all the help, because every state in the UN needs assistance and cooperation to fight and crush terror."

The United States' declaration of aid to the Philippines came in a declaration of military rule in Mindanao.

Mindanao was placed under military rule in an effort to calm the uprising in the war-torn region. The military government will end on December 31, 2019.

Despite the implementation of military law in the southern Philippines, explosions have exploded in some parts of the besieged area in recent weeks.

Panello reassured him that the director of the department headed the situation.

The palace official said that the armed forces were "constantly persecuting" the mass murderers, noting that some of them had been "criminally prosecuted."

"In Mindanao, terrorists took a foothold and took out bombs that killed our soldiers and civilians, while the terrorist operations created fear and anxiety among the residents of the region. They refused to be threatened and frightened when they exercised their right to vote in a referendum," he said.

"We promise our nation to be vigilant and report to the authorities every suspicious act by any individual or group of people in their communities that may tend to risk their lives, limbs and properties," he added. (SunStar Philippines)

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