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What peripherals for the game should you buy

If at any time of the year you find yourself with some extra cash, you may be tempted to buy the new fancy gaming mouse and keyboard that you have been watching for the past few weeks. But before clicking the “Add to Cart” button, here’s a little explanation if you are really Need the same gaming peripherals.

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When you add the word “gaming” to a keyboard, mouse, headset or monitor, does it really matter? It depends on who you ask. There are pros that numbers of athletes and streamers would say it is. But here’s a list of some of the more common “gaming peripherals” and whether or not you really need one.

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Gaming mice

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One of the cheapest but most controversial decisions: Do you really need a “gaming mouse”? To one of its largest faces Dota 2 Teams of All Time, TNC Pro Team from The International 6, the obvious answer is, no.

Former TNC captain Jimmy “DeMoN” Oh posted a picture of his team’s favorite mouse weeks after the TNC’s iconic game against OG, where the anonymous Pinuy eliminated OG, then four times the big winners, 2-0, in the bottom bracket of the tournament.

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Plus, here’s a former Legends League player who proved that mice are just a matter of personal preference.

But if you like FPS like CS: GO or assessment, “Playing” mice may be needed. Gaming mice often come with higher points per inch (DPI) that measure the sensitivity of the mice. FPS games thrive on high DPI when players need a faster mouse response when they “press” on enemy heads, or on lower sensitivity if you are the type of player who overreacts.

Other features that a gaming mouse may offer over one that does not play are additional mapping buttons, slightly better hand adjustment and (depending on whether you like it or not) RGB lighting.

gaming earphones

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For great headphones this is not an interesting thing for many, but getting “gaming” headphones can be difficult for some especially considering the price.

Is it necessary to be a better gamer? Not really. In terms of sound quality, “gaming” headphones are not really different from the regular headset. Some game headphones even have a lower quality sound profile than similarly priced headphones designed for dedicated audiophiles.

If there is a case for gaming headphones, it is actually the included microphones. Sports games require a load of teamwork, and a good microphone is needed to communicate, to be the best team player. (Focus on Group.)

Aside from removing the need for a microphone, most of the other features are gimmicks, and don’t really help beginners get better. For example, surround sound in the game headphones is marketed as allowing players to know where the opponent is coming from, but it is still inaccurate and quite close to the headphones using the free Windows Sonic surround sound feature on the desktop.

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Gaming keyboards

Of all the gaming peripherals, keyboards are by far the most dubious. Gaming keyboards do not offer any greater difference than a standard keyboard.

Almost all gaming keyboards on the market right now are mechanical keyboards, and depending on the user, they give a better typing feel than the standard membrane keyboard. The only difference between a more expensive keyboard and an input keyboard are the switches, the extra function and the media keys, and of course more RGB customization.

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If you are a user who prefers work over games, a good keyboard with your favorite key switches is a game changer. If you’re just using a keyboard to play and not type, then it does not really matter what to achieve.

Still, if there’s one good thing that came out of the mechanical keyboard boom, it’s the hobby of creating custom keyboards. Having a custom keyboard makes gaming and working on it very personal.

Gaming monitors

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If there’s one thing that definitely affects a player’s game, it’s a supervisor.

Having a higher refresh rate monitor shows significant improvement for FPS players. This is because of the speed at which it refreshes the image on the screen and the time it takes for the player to record the information and respond. If you want an in-depth explanation of the refresh rate and FPS, you can check out Youtuber Linus Tech Tips and their tests with Shroud how the refresh rate affects performance.

Higher refresh rates are quite expensive, with 144Hz being around 10,000 PHP. If you’re a casual player, it’s more of a luxury than a necessity. But for professionals who want to, you should consider this as a future upgrade when you have cash.

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