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WWE Star Carmela reveals how it is to work with R-Truth for a survival series


Former women's champion SmackDown Carmela liked fans by team with R-Truth as "the wonderful truth".

The funny duo has entertained the audience at WWE's involved in a matching challenge and offered "dance breaks" on television – even getting WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to throw some shapes on the SmackDown 1000.

The 31-year-old name, Lea van Dale, of Spencer, Mass., Is now preparing for the traditional 5-by-5 ​​game of the Survivors Series tonight.

She sat down, along with Sheamus's bar and Cesaro, to discuss her feelings about the evolution of WWE women and working with the truth.

"Danny Stone" of the & # 39; mirror & # 39; Was on the threshold to ask her the questions in London.

R-Truth and Carmela on SmackDown 1000

You were notorious for dealing with people who criticize you on the Internet, trolls and others, during his reign as a Women's Smackdown Champion. How exciting is it now to have all these fans, and people coming out of the tree say they have been a fan since one day?

Carmela: It's always fun to play the bad guy, that's for sure. But everyone wants to jump on Carmela's car now because it has become a popular act on Smackdown. I'll take it because if they talk about me because they love me or hate me, they talk about me, so I'll take it.

Your old ally James Ellsworth was one of the last guys to have a WWE sex match. Of course you find the challenge in the game involved right now, and it's not exactly the same, as men and women are kept separate once the bell rings. Do you want more WWE gender conflicts? If so, who would you like to fight on the part of the faculty men?

Carmela: Honestly, my favorite part is the mixed coping challenge. It's so much fun; I get a job with R-Truth who is the man! It simply brings another element to the table when you are struggling with a guy as a partner because you do not know what is going to happen.

When you only have a match of plain women or match ordinary men you know they are going to fight. When there is some mixture, you do not know what's going to happen and I think it's a lot of fun.

… And what man do you want to meet?

That's a good question, I really do not know. I focus on the challenge game involved for now ..

Seamus: You can always put a wig on Tony [Cesaro]

Carmela: Sure! We can do it

Seamus: You and the truth against me and Tony, you know. He looked good in a blonde wig

Cesaro: Cesarello right?

Carmela and Terot held a dance with McMahon at SmackDown 1000

Carmela, you were the first event of all WWE women's pay-per-view, evolution. How was it part of history and what message do you think the event sends to sports around the world?

It was an amazing day. Just being behind the scenes, with all the women, everyone was just brought together for this historic event. I was so respectable to be part of it. Now we're in the middle … I do not know why I say we've been in the middle of these women evolution because I do not even know if there's a hat on this evolution that women are part of right now.

I just feel so lucky and lucky to be part of these evers' the first one. Now it comes to a point where we should not say the first ever because it just becomes normal. Before it was "Oh My God Women are the main event of SmackDown Tonight" and now it's not a big deal. So I just feel lucky to be inside it all.

[Cesaro’s phone rings….]

Carmela: Dance!

Cesaro: See, I waited for the right time …

WWE of Sheamus and Cesaro: "Big Show will give us an edge over Survivor Series"

Carmela and R-Truth with British fans

WWE Universe was stunned by the news about Roman Raine and his fight against re-leukemia. How did you feel and how he coped with his absence?

Carmela: I do not know Roman. I've been on SmackDown so I never have to hang out with him all the time. But of course it's devastating.

It only makes you appreciate the much smaller things, and you take things for granted. Or, the little things you think are a big thing, you realize they really are not. So it makes you appreciate everything you have a little more.

Star WWE Star

There was a discussion about the upcoming women's team championship. Who will be your ideal partner?

Carmela: I think it's really cool to have even the option of tag titles for women. I do not know, Carmela is a bit of a loner. I always tend to keep the guy for whatever reason. Like James [Ellsworth] And now the truth.

I suppose, if I wanted to be a partner, I would have chosen Bailey but she had finished seeing. I'd love to see the IIconics get it. If I were to choose someone else, I would love the IIconics to be the first Women Tag Champions Group.

We all enjoyed the breaks, especially with Vince McMahon a few weeks ago. Who from the world of celebrity do you want to be dancing with a break?

Carmela: O-Gi-Oh and Lo. Unnamed: Sure, J-Lo is the best. So it would be amazing.

Former women's champion SmackDown Carmela in action compared to Charlotte Flair

Is there any indication that you will be getting another evolution or any women pay per view next year?

Carmela: Your guess is as good as mine but if this is something to do with how well the first one did, I think for sure there should be another one.

Take us back to your first game on TV, how did you feel at the time?

Carmela: Unnamed: Oh my, well, Unnamed: I was only struggling at this point maybe six months. I was so nervous. So I depended a lot on being the Staten Island princess of the island. That's what I did and I guess the rest is history. I've seen this footage ever since and I try to avoid it at all costs. it's embarrassing.

The May Young Classic has just finished, who would you like to appeal?

Carmela: That's a good question. I did not see all the matches, actually, but I saw some and I think all these girls are really cool. It is great to be in the middle of a women's revolution, as I mentioned, and all these women have the opportunity to show what they can do.

I do not want to choose just one, because I think it's great that everyone gets a chance to do something like that. Who knows, I hope we might see them on NXT, Raw or SmackDown sometime.

Seamus: That was the most correct political answer I've ever heard …!

You work with Rapper on R-Truth. You knock a piece a few days ago; Are you free now?

Carmela: You know; "Yo yo yo, check it once, check it twice, it's a word on the microphone as it eats white rice!

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