Wednesday , September 29 2021

Agnieszka Kachorowska has been criticized for appearing by an Internet user. She did not blow it up and replied forcefully

Agnyszka Kachorowska will soon promote her second child in the world. The artist carefully reports on the preparations for this big event on social media. The protagonist of the latest “Ugly Fashion” scandal does not allow Internet users to evade hateful reactions.

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Pregnant Agnieszka Kachorowska danced with her husband

An Internet user is critical of Kachorowska’s appearance. The artist responded immediately

Below the last photo, the viewer in her profile made a very tactless comment. Referring to a photograph in which Katzorowska poses with her pregnant belly, the Internet user wrote unpleasant words about the future mother’s appearance.

You look bad – we read below the post.

Agnieszka Kachorowska responded quickly to these words. In InstaStories she addressed the observer’s comment and asked her audience about the reasons behind the behavior.

Can anyone explain to me the purpose of accessing someone’s profile to add such a comment? The mink / emoticons show that you are probably sad about it. Please do not be sad! I feel great! I feel beautiful!

Agnieszka KachorowskaAgnieszka Kachorowska Instagram, @agakaczor

The Internet user insults Kachurovska. The observers protect the artist

Then she also decided to display the comment writer’s profile on InstaStories. She also posted answers from her observers who stood behind Kachorowska.

Not accepting myself, nothing else comes to mind.

Jealousy, jealousy and envy again!

Too bad to waste time and energy on analyzing negative comments, observers advised.

Agnieszka KachorowskaAgnieszka Kachorowska Instagram, @agakaczor

Admittedly, writing such rude comments about a pregnant woman is an expression of great condescension.

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