Thursday , May 19 2022

An accident at the pedestrian crossing. Two women died


Two women were killed on Saturday after crossing the pedestrian crossing in Sarnovo, Bandzyn district, and the third went to the hospital. All victims of the accident are probably from abroad, for now it was possible to determine the identity of one of them, is Ukrainian – the police said.

Collision on the bridge to Zinkovski. The driver is stuck in the railing

A Fiat driver came to the right and got stuck in the balustrade of the stairs at the entrance to the Zinowski Bridge, in Izdow in Warsaw.

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The press officer of the Povat police headquarters in Bedzin, Commissioner Paul Lutoki, said that the accident took place on the evening on Route No. 86 on a fake and lighted road.

– Women were injured by a 36-year-old resident of Zovierciński poviat ruled by the Tucson Hyundai – said the officer.

Accident victims are not Polish citizens. The identity of one of them was determined – he is a 46 year old citizen of Ukraine. This is one of two women who died on the spot.
"The other two women are probably the nationality of one of the Asian countries," he said.

Hyundai's driver was sober, he got blood for testing to determine whether he was under the influence of drugs. In the evening the activity continued with his participation.

After the accident, the National Road No. 86 was blocked for a while. Now the traffic in this place is normal.


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