Friday , June 18 2021

Anna Lewandowska showed Laura. What does Lewandowski’s youngest daughter look like?

Anna Lewandowska is without a doubt one of those people who is still talked about a lot. Robert Lewandowski’s wife walks like a storm. He develops his business, is associated with new advertising contracts, and at the same time does not forget fans. Anna Lewandowska is very active on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to the profiles on social networks he tries to talk to fans and be in touch with them almost all the time.

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Anna Lewandowska presented a picture with Laura

Anna Lewandowska posts a lot of entries online. There is no shortage of photos or recordings on Instagram or Facebook. Robert Lewandowski’s wife presents materials on training or healthy eating, but also some more private shots. In Anna Lewandowska’s profile you can see how she trains with her eldest daughter Clara or how she spends time with her husband. This time, Levy’s wife praised the picture with the young boy. Anna Lewandowska presented a picture with Laura. The girl will be a year old in early May. Robert Lewandowski’s wife adored her daughter. “It’s so big already” – she wrote about a photo taken at home.


Anna Lewandowska shows up with her youngest daughter

Recently, Anna Lewandowska admitted that after the birth of her second daughter, she decided to help. – From the moment Belarus appeared, we have help, because I’m going crazy. With Clara, maybe not that I did not want this help, I think I just wanted to prove to myself and others that I am Zusia Smosia, I can do a lot. It did not always work well (…). We decided to help now and we are very happy about it – she admitted during the “House in Dauborov”.

In early February 2021, Robert Lewandowski also admired fatherhood. – [Tacierzyństwo – przyp. red.] It’s a great feeling, especially great happiness that young Laura is starting to crawl. This is also the time when I come home and hear someone poking their feet quickly to see me. Whenever you come home and see the kids’ smiles, no matter if you won or lost the game, it’s sometimes beyond description. Before I became a father I talked to other fathers (…) I saw the happiness, the pride, but I never really knew what it meant. This is something fantastic. It is known that the family will always come first. These are things, moments, moments, something that is built and worth building, you should cherish it as long as possible – he said in an interview with “Ginny Bear TVN”.

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