Thursday , September 29 2022

Beata Szydło: I will convince Andzzej Duda to run for an additional period


I will convince President Andez Auntie to take the decision to run for another term – said Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Beata Szydło in an interview with the weekly "Sieci". In her opinion, Andez "Auntie" will win the election because he has shown himself as a very good president. "

Szydło: I seriously consider the beginning of the European Parliament

– There was a proposal that I participate in the elections to the European Parliament; I take it very seriously – she said on Wednesday …

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The Deputy Prime Minister addressed the remarks of former Prime Minister, President of the European Council Donald Tusk, who addressed the participants of the Freedom Games in Lodz on November 10. He said: "If Joseph Pilsudski and Lach Walesa can defeat the Bolsheviks, and both of them were in a much more difficult situation than he is today, why can not you overcome the modern Bolsheviks?"

In turn, on November 12, Tusk wrote on Twitter: "When I said today the Poles can also defeat the modern Bolsheviks, everyone decided it was on Piss, even the Pais thought so, and that was about the Bolsheviks, no one else."

"I think the more the Donald Tusk emphasizes his words, the more he will increase the terror among the current opposition leaders," said the deputy prime minister. As she emphasized, Tusk's return will be "significant exchanges at the top of the civil platform and the opposition circles surrounding them."

In her opinion, "the official compliments of Donald Tusk by the current leaders of the opposition is like the joy of carp on the eve of the upcoming Christmas Eve."

Cidelo stressed that "listening to bullshit about the Bolsheviks" has "bitter satisfaction."

"We have long been considered in the PIS that Donald Tusk has no moral authority to hold high positions in Europe, he plays a role that requires him impartially, but he is openly and unequivocally involved in supporting the opposition in one of the member states of the European Union," she said.

"President Aunty will not prevent a possible investigation"

President Andez 'aunt will not prevent a possible hearing on the subject of Banking Supervision Committee – said the Minister of the Chancellor …

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"I have the satisfaction I voted against him during the vote on his election, and the time proved it was really on my side," she said.

In her opinion, the head of the European Council proved that he should not fulfill his duties. "When he saw that he was reacting to historical shortcomings, he explained that he had talked about the Bolsheviks, but he did not think about the" appeasement. "If not the right, who did he harm?

When asked if she thought Donald Tusk would return to Polish politics, he estimated that he would feel "tempted to return." According to Deputy Prime Minister Tusk, "appears more often, but not as a politician who supports Poland, but as a politician who supports the opposition." "So it seems that he did not give up his activity in Polish politics, he is now examining whether he will be acceptable to all the opposition," she said.

Asked whether Tusk would return to the presidential candidate, he said: "It is possible, the whole appearance of Donald Tusk in Poland, if only because of the investigation before the commission of inquiry, is related to the organization of a spectacular show."

Schidlo stressed that PiS has its own candidate – Andez and Auntie, who – she says – will win the elections because he has shown himself to be a very good president.

At a point where Andrei Aunty did not decide whether to run for president, she said she would be liked. "If I have the chance, I will convince Andez to make the decision to run for another term," she declared.


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