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Boy Britney Spears takes care of her mental health: "She takes her shopping and a restaurant"


Boy Britney Spears worries about her mental health:

In recent weeks, there have been many mental problems again Britney Spears. The singer has had many nerve problems over the years, and the highest level has been since 2007 She shaved her head in front of the paparazzi.

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Recently, the singer went to the psychiatric hospital again. Initially it was claimed that she volunteered there, but Britney soon filed a lawsuit in which she claims that Father "pushed her with drugs and forced him to stay in the institution."

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In difficult times, the singer can fortunately rely on the support of his mother and child, Agari herself. 25-year-old tries to fill his favorite time with activities she likes best and she can feel better. On Saturday he took her to a meeting.

Britney was in a good mood and giggled. He's always happy when Sam is around- Says the source of the magazine people.

Although Sam as a model and fitness coach is very busy, he tries to spend as much time as possible with the singer.

He works during the week and often has photo meetings, but he tries to spend most of his weekends with Britney. Being with Sam has a good effect on her. He takes her for shopping and a restaurant. He's a great guy. She's always very sweet and a Britney The informer adds.

Spears is pleased to boast about the relationship on Instagram. Recently, she put together several pictures, on which they show and sign the same shirts: "I love this man."

It seems that after a series of unsuccessful relationships, Brittany finally found someone to really get along with. Hopefully this will help her recover and give strength in the court battle with her father.

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