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Ekstraklasa: Broekek hero of Wisla Krakow in a crazy clash with Zagłębie – News


This meeting was accompanied by many accents related to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of independence. Many fans brought to the stadium the white and red flags, before the game they sang "Mazek Dąbrowskiego", and the football players Wisla were the address "Independence" on their shirts.

The hosts from the first whistle went through decisive attacks quickly and took the lead. 9 minutes into the match, the visitors' Rafał Pietrzak received a corner kick and flew the ball into the net. Zoran Arsenik shot his head, the bullet sprang from a man from Tuszczyk and came under the feet of Zdenek Unserska. It was easily put on the net by the Czechs. It was the eighth goal of the striker of Wisla this season and the first in six games.

The hosts were not satisfied with this goal and still attacked. 14 minutes into the match, Martin Kostal seemed a little tentative in their play as his organization fell to the keeper, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the crossbar.

Seven minutes later it was 2: 0 for Wisla. Pietrzak's Rafał Boguski made a nice rush ahead of the keeper, and Dominik Hładun took the shot.

So the initiative was taken over by guests. Lisa Mateusz scored on goal: Adam Matuszczyk, Bartłomiej Pawłowski and Damian Buhar, but without success.

At the end of the first half, Wisła wasted two big opportunities to increase the advantage. The fans were hoping to make it through the game. Dvid Kort could not have scored through the goal, although he ran alone in front of the keeper. And then Bogaski was alone with the goalkeeper. Hładun, however, stopped the shot and captain of Wisla.

A wasted opportunity is revenge immediately after recess. Marcin Wasilewski fouled Pawłowski In the penalty area, Philippe Starzyński used the 11th line with a shot.

In response, Ondrasek, after routing his head from Jesua Imaza, hit the bar. In the 67th minute, Arsenic performed a major operation, he played for Boguski, he put the ball to Imaz, and the shot of the Spanish in spectacular style was protected by Hładun. The visitors' keeper came back to applause when he hit the ball by Jakub Bartkowski towards the top corner.

To this end, Zaglavi's reply was palpable. Starzyński crossed the right wing, Bohor shot his head, the ball still leapt from Wasilewski and rolled into the goal.

It seems that the game will end in a draw because both teams have failed to succeed on good occasions. Meanwhile, in the sixth minute of extra time of the game, after a long shot of Bartkovsky Paweł Broekek very much received the ball and scored the winning goal. The referee was still waiting for a signal from referee VAR, but eventually he scored the hit and finished the game. For 35-year-old Brozeek, ​​who resumed his career in September, it was the first season goal.

After the game they said:

Ben van Daal (coach of the Zlangby Lubin): "Congratulations on Wisla, because it deserves her to win, our first minutes were good, but the next is tragic." Our team lacks faith. "Covered by someone for almost 30 seconds, we are working on not making such mistakes.

– Thanks to our goalkeeper, there was only a 0: 2 break and we can still win. In the second half it looked better, but it was not enough to get points. Unfortunately it happened at the last moment of the game, but it's the ball. "

Maciej Stolarczyk (Coach Wisla Krakow): "What can you say after such a match … It was a crazy meeting." In my opinion, we certainly won because we created more lucid situations and were very disappointed when it did not end when we finished ninety-six. A large number of situations. Glory to the team that so she responded after the meeting in Gliwice, which failed.

– We are happy with the victory, although the circumstances were dramatic. Thank you for supporting the supporters who believed in us to the end. Opinions that Paweł Broekek should not be repeated turned out to be wrong. We still need very much. He went in and did what was right for him. "

Goals: 1: 0 Zdenek Ondersk (9), 2: 0 Rappel Bogusky (22), 2: 1 Philippe Starzinski (49 penalties), 2: 2 Marc Wesilewski + 6).

Yellow card – Wisla Kraków, Jacob Bartkovski. KGHM Zagłębie Lubin: Jakub Tosik, Jakub Mares.

judge: In the photo: Siedlce (on the left). Registered.

Wisla Krakow: (84. Pavel Brozek), David Kurt, Jesus Imaz, Martin Costal (89. Jacob Bartosz) – Zdenek Ondrask .

Zlangeni Lubin: Dominik Haladon – Jacob Tosik, Maciej Dabrowski, Lubomir Golden, Sasha Blitz (89 Lukasz Januszka) – Bartalome Pawelowski, Adam Matuszczick, Philippe Yagallo, Philippe Starzinski (76 Vadislav Sirotov), ​​Damian Bohr – (82. Daniel De Vanilla).

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